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    I'm looking for a monitor to go with my late 2013 15" rMBP w/dGPU. I'm looking for a good one that's not too expensive. Would Dell or Asus be good enough? I'm starting to get into coding and thought maybe a monitor would be good to have. Apple monitors are a little out of my price range so I'm going to settle for something else.

    Update: I've seen some good Samsungs at sams club that aren't that expensive, might have to go look at one.
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    12-01-2016 12:50 PM
  2. groy22799's Avatar
    Depending on your budget, Dell does have some good options. I prefer no bezel monitors and recently got a couple 2715's at work. I am not a coder, but I work in a CLI all day. These work very well!
    12-02-2016 09:20 AM

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