1. Nocticis's Avatar
    This will be my first purchase of a Mac.
    I'm not sure what is the best option for me though.
    I'm open to all the Macs and even the iMac

    Learning to code, like about to start reading swift book, new.

    Like the idea of being able to carry my Mac, but not really a big deal, if you guys think iMac would be better suited for me

    Normal everyday day stuff out side of learning to code, Netflix, Steam games, etc.
    this Mac will be my tv, as I do not have one.

    Currently own a 6+ and plan on getting a watch

    Looking at the Apple TV if it delivers on the gaming side, as I own a lot of games. Plan on getting a PS4 would it plug into iMac even if I got an adapter

    Throwing out all this info if it helps

    Biggest things I want
    Coding compatible hardware for next 2-4 years.
    Abound 1000 I know they aren't cheap but I don't really want to go into the 2000 range
    Don't really care if it's portable, though I am in school and the idea of coding with friends in a coffee shop is cool but to me the iMac is beautiful

    Thank you
    09-07-2015 12:22 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    09-07-2015 12:26 PM
  3. Nocticis's Avatar
    Mac Pro or iMac?
    Can I plug PS4 and or Apple TV into iMac
    09-08-2015 07:48 PM
  4. aballerdotcom's Avatar
    Mac Pro or iMac?
    Can I plug PS4 and or Apple TV into iMac
    I do not think this is even possible. If you are thinking about doing anything that considers using an Apple TV I would suggest you stay away from it. The ATV is nothing but problems when streaming.

    My brother has a PS4 and I have ATV, Macbook Air, iMac 27inch, iPhone 5s, and 4th Gen iPod.
    We have not tried to connect backwards because it does not seem to be possible. I know you can send signals out, but not receive. I haven't been able to see my ATV on any of my Macs and can't figure out how to do that. There is a HDMI output cable option, but still I don't think it will send the message backwards only out.

    I don't know if you have heard of OpenEmu a game emulator where you can play old video games up to PS1 on your computer. I have streamed that to a projector with an ATV with no issues. I was playing Contra on a 75 inch screen streaming from my Macbook Air and using PS4 controllers (hooked up via bluetooth).

    The Apple TV works great with the apps that are on it, but streaming videos is where it is really iffy.

    As far as iMac vs iMac I say it all depends on how much storage you need and screen size. I have 3TB on my iMac and I'm so happy I got it first. (But that can easily be fixed with portable hard drives and all that.) I love my iMac so much that when I wanted a laptop I was disappointed with the small resolution of the Macbook Air because not all the webpages I view fit on the screen. The Pro is definitely the way to go and I love the portability of the Air, but I need the Pro for all it can do to better suit my needs. The Pro is comparable to the iMac so it's what I should of got in the first place. They have the same resolution I believe.
    09-10-2015 10:56 PM
  5. Daryle Bayless's Avatar
    For the value, an iMac is hard to beat. You get an excellent screen and an good computer, for a reasonable price. Looking at refurbished units can save you even more. I've got the 2013 - 21 inch model, with the Iris Pro 5200 equipped processor. It is excellent for writing, research, and photo editing. It is probably overkill for all of those tasks, really. I play Elite Dangerous, Diablo 3, and Divinity Original Sin with no problem. I'd be surprised if the 6200 Iris Pro equipped version wasn't much better.

    I've run across folks who claim to have managed to get a PS4 to display on an iMac, using video capture solutions via either USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt. It might be a better way ahead to just buy a second monitor, or a Macbook Pro and a single monitor that can work both as your external for your laptop and your PS4/TV display.
    02-28-2016 07:59 AM
  6. Daryle Bayless's Avatar
    This changes things somewhat. It looks like Sony is going to allow people to play their PS 4 games through their Mac or Windows computers. Add a USB TV tuner to an iMac - and Bob's your uncle.

    03-01-2016 06:46 AM

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