1. Jude526's Avatar
    Just got home from work. I received text message they were delivered. I tried them on. I think I am going to like them. 14 days to decide. I want to love them. 159 is expensive but I have a pr of LG and don’t like them. They are Bluetooth but around the neck and still wired. I love the freedom of no wires. Sleek looking . They are attractive in style too
    Will let everyone know. Using them tomorrow
    10-02-2017 09:19 PM
  2. Jude526's Avatar
    Connected quickly. Can’t wait to try
    10-02-2017 09:24 PM
  3. GibMcFragger's Avatar
    Got mine yesterday. I love them. I set them to play/pause music with left double tap, and Siri is right double tap.

    I also figured out that you can connect them to your AppleTV for watching movies/shows without disturbing anyone.
    10-02-2017 11:30 PM
  4. TripleOne's Avatar
    I think you’ll love them.
    It works so well with every Apple products, especially the Apple Watch.
    10-03-2017 03:08 AM

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