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  1. dmoskaluk's Avatar
    Gotta share this ( and remember I'm writing from where newer technology is generally either hard to find or horribly expensive.) Reliability can be a factor as if there are issues post purchase there is simply not a big enough market for a vendor to provide the level of support which is accepted in bigger countries.
    Since the newer iPhones are now available here ( 2 Authorized Resellers) there is a demand of sorts for wireless charging. Even at the 2 businesses in mention, the brand names most seen abroad, ( Belkin, Mophie) are not represented. There are however, across the spectrum of smaller shops a cross section of brands which I ( and likely many) have never heard of, with varying prices even for identical product. I will for simplicity, quote all prices converted to $USD simply for reference......I use a 'Zens' pad on my beside table ( $52) My wife has an 'Argom Tech' same price, both are excellent units. On my desk is one from KilpXtreme ( Halo) which was about $45....a polished and solid unit. We did retire our original QI charger ( wife's Belkin Boost-Up) which is n/a here although Belkin cases and cables and accessories are available. I tripped over, at the local hardware store, the 'Fantasy' clear acrylic pad, for $10 including tax having seen it at a small cellphone stand for $40. A search on found the same pad for anywhere between $5 & $10 with reviews ranging from 'excellent' to 'total garbage' and the biggest complaint being slow charging. Call me the 'frugal geek' but I bought a few and find that so far, one on a coffee table and one near where it spend a lot of my day, have been great. Most of our charging is 'occasional top-up' as well as overnight and the phones (8Plus) appear very happy. I dived in and 'invested' in several more to send to neices & a nephew further away, who use Samsung phones which accept QI but you simply wouldn't believe local prices in where they come from nor the issues simply of locating decent hardware. Seeing the same ( Fantasy) under several names on Amazon in the really cheapy range, then here, at a price 'in-line' with most local shops but at half or less at the local hardware store should give the picture. Please post any feedback you have about the reliability of this seemingly good simple and reasonably priced charger. I few YouTube videos give it good grades for 'doing the job.'. As an aside, my wife has used QI with the Belkin for 18 months now, phone is very rarely under 75% with light to moderate use ( no gaming, just web, calls,WhatsApp & email. Battery health remains at 100%....... We retired the Belkin as its disc was too big for the nightstand, it's power source (also big) took up a lot of space on the power / surge protector bar and the phone would get a bit warm when charging. It was also very picky about placement of the phone to charge. With our needs, powering the others with the stock Apple cubes, all chargers ie from the ( local$) hundred dollar ones to the twenty one dollar hardware store Fantasy charger have been performing identically and well. Our electricity is 50 cycle, not 60 and is 110 V, not 120.
    The dog's reaction to the dim blue light from the Fantasy units and the shadows it created was spectacular, so much that we had to relocate that one & swap for one ( Zens) with less light when charging.
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    07-02-2019 09:18 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Interesting....and as always, we appreciate the tip, sir....
    07-02-2019 10:23 AM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    I have a Fantasy also! It works great!
    dmoskaluk likes this.
    07-02-2019 11:13 AM
  4. dmoskaluk's Avatar
    So here I am, at the local mall and I see Argom Tech, QI like what I paid $95 B'dos for a month ago, at a different shop for $35.... ( A US dollar is $2 B'dos) That's exactly what burns me about a few things here as the Caribbean tries to join today's world. BUT - all the reasons I retired here for are still more than valid
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    07-02-2019 11:27 AM
  5. dmoskaluk's Avatar
    I have a Fantasy also! It works great!
    Oh well, live & learn. Haven't got any negative feedback (yet) about the 5 Fantasy Chargers I sent to South America as gifts within family but of the 3 I had here, 2 bit the dust within 2 weeks or purchase. One simply stopped charging at all ( but the blue lights stayed on & the phones showed green with the charge icon, and another kept having little storms of blue LED when no phone was present. The 3rd seemed OK but for safety sake I retired it pending getting a bit more feedback. But for $10 USD I guess the old addage about "Good no cheap -Cheap no good" still applies
    Annie_8plus likes this.
    07-21-2019 04:37 PM

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