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    I love taking photos with my smartphone. With smartphone cameras becoming smarter these days, they quite easily become the “go to” device for snapping our memorable moments. However, while that smartphone camera of yours can be very powerful, it is still limited to what the camera lens can do. That is where add-on lenses provide enhanced viewing angles that allow you to take either wider or close-up photos using your smartphone camera. RhinoShield’s add-on lenses are no different and allow you to extend your iPhone’s camera lens with wide angle and macro lenses to take awesome shots with great viewing angles.

    [Review] RhinoShield add-on lenses-img_20181129_160733.jpg

    • Light weight and portable
    • Easy to attach and remove
    • Works with all RhinoShield cases
    • Works with iPhone and Pixel phones

    • Slight edge distortion with the 4K wide angle lens
    • Wish Macro lenses had some sort of stabilization built-in
    • 4K lens is expensive

    Designed with simplicity
    I love how compact these lenses are when compared to the previous year’s add-on lenses. This year, RhinoShield’s has taken a unique approach and assembled two lenses in one package. That is right, both wide angle and macro reside in the same hardware package.

    [Review] RhinoShield add-on lenses-00100lportrait_00100_burst20181129160824648_cover.jpg

    You just unscrew the bottom of the lens to reveal the macro lens or just use as it is as a wide angle lens. I love this new design as it makes the lens highly portable. No longer I need to carry two individual lenses, instead of just one.

    To attach the lens to any of the RhinoShield cases such as SolidSuit or the Mod NX case, you will need the lens adapter. The lens adapter goes into the camera cutout which then projects out of the case allowing you to attach the lens.

    [Review] RhinoShield add-on lenses-img_20181129_155432.jpg

    The lens adapter uses a simple bayonet-style quick release mount makes it a ton easier than last years screw/unscrew mount. With the new style, you just twist to lock the lens in place.

    Out of the box, the lenses come up with lens cap and a lens pouch for easy portability.

    Different lenses, different needs
    RhinoShield offers two types of lenses:
    - 4k Ultra sharp Wide Angle + Macro
    - High definition Wide Angle + Macro

    The key difference between the two is that the 4K ultra sharp lens supports recording 4K video and produces pictures that are sharper and better clarity.

    [Review] RhinoShield add-on lenses-00100lportrait_00100_burst20181129160752330_cover.jpg

    If you do not require recording in 4K, then the high definition lens should be good for plenty of occasions.

    [Review] RhinoShield add-on lenses-00100lportrait_00100_burst20181129160252614_cover.jpg

    Snap and enjoy the photos
    I love wide angle lenses. They cover a wide area and allow you to bring several subjects into the picture. In that regards, the wide angle lens offerings from RhinoShield are no different. I found both the 4K and high definition wide angle lenses to be good most of the time. There was slight distortion in the edges in a very few photos but nothing noticeable.

    In fact, I found the output and clarity from the standard HD wide angle lens to be better than the 4K wide angle lens.

    Using the macro lens was fun. Be ready to go close to the subject as much as you can when you use these awesome macro lenses. Do note that in order to get a better picture with the macro lens, after focusing on the subject, you need to hold still when taking the picture to avoid any blur. Even a slight movement will cause the picture to blur. That is one of the downsides of using a macro lens and nothing specific to RhinoShield’s add-on macro lenses.

    Below are some shots I took with the 4k macro lens

    Below are some shots I took with the standard HD macro lens

    [Review] RhinoShield add-on lenses-img_0972.jpg

    Get it for the fun
    While you would be self-sufficient with the camera lenses in your phone, if you haven't tried add-on lenses, especially, wide angle lenses, then you could try RhinoShield's wide angle lens. While I like the macro lens, I just don't have a lot of occasions that requires macro photography but a wide angle, on the other hand, is something I always seek and search for whenever I am out exploring the nature or going out for walks.

    You can pre-order the lens today at RhinoShield's website:
    - 4k Wide + Macro starting at $64.98
    - HD Wide + Macro starting at $29.98
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