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    In history, there have been many great combinations of power. Superman and the Earth’s red sun, He-Man and his sword, which derives its power from Castle Grayskull, and now… we have AUKEY, which is ready and waiting to power the new series of Apple iPhones. AUKEY has been around the block for a little while, and they have quite a selection of phone accessories, including chargers, wireless chargers, and even audio. Well now, they are prepped and ready to go for day one of the brand new 2018 Apple products (with applicable cable), and the latest and greatest in the Android as well. Say hello to the AUKEY wall chargers and desktop charging station.

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_202108.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_202311.jpg

    AUKEY 18W Power Delivery Charger (Model PA-Y15) - The 18W Power Delivery Charger is the baseline model of the four different power bricks/ensembles that I have had the opportunity to preview, for the upcoming iPhone models – of course, this charger will work with any device that supports USB-C. The charging base is very straightforward and offers one power slot for a dedicated USB-C connector, which is a bit of a shift from most conventional charger designs. Instead of having what we commonly know as a “regular” USB slot, AUKEY went straight to the USB-C, which allows a direct USB-C to USB-C charging connection. One of the greatest features of this new charger is that is supports Quick Charge 4.0, the latest and greatest in quick charging technology. The charging base is rated at 18W of power, which is ideal for fast-charging, and supplying an adequate amount of charge to the new iPhone devices. The charger is also USB Power Delivery compatible. USB Power Delivery is a universal multi-voltage charging standard that offers a safe, and efficient charge for a wide range of compatible devices. You can pick up one AUKEY’s new 18W Power Delivery Charger directly on Amazon for $19.99 - - And of course, [B]AUKEY wouldn’t be AUKEY, if it didn’t include a 24-month warranty for this product as well!

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_202029.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_220619.jpg

    AUKEY AMP USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery 3.0 (Model PA-Y8) – The AMP charger is the next step up in AUKEY’s latest and greatest USB wall chargers. Moving up from the 18W charger, the AMP provides a whopping 27W of power, which is funneled straight to your device through the lone USB-C connector on the power brick. This charger will elevate your device charging game to the next level and give you ample power to meet the needs of just about any modern USB-C type device, whether Apple (including MacBook), Android, and even Nintendo Switch – with the appropriate cable, it will fully charge your iPhone X to 50% in 30 minutes! In addition to the robust power production, the AMP charger also supports the latest and greatest Power Delivery 3.0 technology, for the most efficient and safest charge possible. Of course, the AMP charger offers AUKEY’s phenomenal 24-month warranty as well, which is twice as much warranty as most other manufacturers have to offer. You can pick up one of AUKEY’s AMP chargers directly on Amazon for $21.99 -

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_202020.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_220644.jpg

    AUKEY USB-C 56.5W Wall Charger with Power Delivery 3.0 (Dual Power Slot Model – PA-Y10) – Balancing out the mix of wall chargers is the PA-Y10 dual-slot AMP charger. This charger base is different than the previous two because it’s dual-slotted, meaning it has two available charging ports: (1) Regular USB slot, and (1) USB-C Slot. To pull off the versatile charging options, this charging base maxes out at 56.5W of power products, which is pretty much crazy talk. The normal USB Slot puts out 5V/2.1A, which is just shy of the maximum 2.4a charging capabilities of some other products. However, it will still get the job done. The USB-C slot isn’t hampered by the older USB standard, and is capable of pushing out up to 5V/3A, which is blazing speed in the world of device charging. Both ports support Power Delivery 3.0, and this charger is no different from the others with regard to the warranty. It is also backed by AUKEY’s super awesome 24-month product warranty. This charger is the most flexible, as compared to the previous two chargers because it supports a wider range of devices, and cable configurations. You can pick one of the 2-slot AMP chargers up directly from Amazon for $34.99 -

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_202013.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_220600.jpg

    AUKEY USB-C Desktop Charging Station with Power Delivery (Model PA-Y12) – Last but not least, is the Desktop Charging Station. This is the most powerful and versatile of the four chargers illustrated here. It offers a ton of charging power (60W) and has three different charging ports on it: One USB-C, and two standard USB-A ports, each capable of delivery the latest and greatest in Quick Charge capability. The two standard ports put out a 5V/2.4A (the latest charging standard for Quick Charge 4.0), and the one USB-C port puts out 5V/3A, for the most robust and powerful charging experience – it will even power your Nintendo Switch, or 13” MacBook Pro. Instead of being a normal charging brick, the Desktop Charging Station connects to the power outlet with a power cord (included) and allows you to get a little extra reach to your desk, or wherever you need position it, so you can charge up to three different devices all at once. Of course, it also supports the latest and greatest Power Delivery 3.0, as well as AiPower (the other three chargers don’t support AiPower). AiPower differs from Power Delivery, which is a special adaptive technology that intelligently adjusts power output to match the unique charging requirements for whatever device is plugged into it. Finally, the Desktop Charging Station also offers AUKEY’s 24-month warranty as well. You can pick up one of AUKEY’s Desktop Charging Stations directly through Amazon for $49.99 -

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_201955.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_220533.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Chargers Preview-20180910_220546.jpg

    Conclusion: Each of these unique AUKEY chargers offers an affordable and unique charging solution to meet your needs. Whether you just need to charge one device, or you need something a bit more versatile to charge your laptop and phone at the same time. The chargers support a wide range of USB-C devices, whether that’s Apple, Android, or even a MacBook or Nintendo Switch; the sky is the limit, but the damage to your pocketbook doesn’t have to be!

    If you have any questions or comments regarding any of these different charging options, please feel free to comment or leave any questions down in the comment section.
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