1. fleeper's Avatar
    I am looking for some noise canceling headphones or buds. Any recommendations? I have an iphone x.
    09-10-2018 06:40 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I used the Bose QC 25s, BUT that's not a good choice for you, since the X does not have a headphone jack. Of course you COULD still use them via the adapter that Apple provides. HOWEVER, the QC 35s (or QC 35 II) would work well for you, as they have Bluetooth AND ANC (active noise cancellation).

    Bose ain't cheap, BUT the ANC works really well!

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    09-10-2018 09:58 AM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Like PK, I recommend the Bose QC-35 headphones. They're comfortable to wear and will indeed block out the noise.
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    09-10-2018 06:04 PM
  4. taylorh's Avatar
    FYI, I THINK the QC 25 is being discontinued. I've noticed that Bose no longer lists it as product, it's harder to find online, and Amazon appears to be clearing it out as they are on sale right now. I just picked up two pairs for my wife and kid so you can still get them for now. The reason I went with QC 25 is twofold.

    One, it takes a replaceable alkaline batter but the QC 35 has an internal rechargable battery, and I intend to have them for plane rides mostly for at least a good 10 years. The battery replacement program on QC 35 is rediculous and IDK how long that battery will last.

    Second, the price was half that of QC35.

    I use the iPhone heaphone adapter on the iPhone X and it's totlaly not a problem. I just put an adpater on the cable and keep it with the headphones. I bought and extra one for the headphones.

    I'm not saying don't get QC 35, but that's why I got QC 25.
    I don't think the QC 25 sound phenomenal. They sound "good" at best but I got them for noise canceling on overseas flights.

    I've read reveiws that say Beats noise cancelling is just as good. So consider those.
    My brother has the Bose noise canceling earbuds (mostly for flights) and likes those.
    09-11-2018 06:01 PM
  5. Mr.Willie's Avatar
    QC 35 all the way. It’s what I have for those super long international flights that I take six plus times a year.

    Testing reveals that they are the best for noise canceling and you can also use them wired for when you want to plug them into the aircraft entertainment system. Bose ANC earbuds do not offer a wired feature.

    I also have a set of AirPods for general day to day use, such as phone calls, music, and podcast. Unfortunately, to my dismay, when I am at the office people want to talk to me from time to time, so sometimes noise canceling headphones are frowned upon.
    09-11-2018 10:01 PM
  6. pkcable's Avatar
    I'm not saying don't get QC 35, but that's why I got QC 25.
    I don't think the QC 25 sound phenomenal. They sound "good" at best but I got them for noise canceling on overseas flights.
    100% agree about the "sound" on the QC25s, did not blow me away, BUT it was good. What DID blow me away was the noise cancellation.
    09-12-2018 09:13 AM
  7. fleeper's Avatar
    Thanks much for the advice!
    09-12-2018 07:26 PM
  8. imwjl's Avatar
    In trying to sort out what's best and a reasonable expenditure I was completely surprised by the Sony WH-H900N. The COSTCO and some Amazon seller pricing makes them harder to ignore.

    All I wonder at this point is if the Bose 35s and others by themselves and without music are the best to just isolate yourself from the world. The WH-H900N are superb in the data center or if it's drowning out the consistent noise of the refrigerator or dryer in the house. I was surprised they did not drown out the vacuum cleaner like other noise but guessed that machine has a pitch or tone that's not as consistent.

    It's hard to test in stores but the WH-H900N are really nice for music and also my age and job related hearing loss. Add tinnitus as a problem. The Sony app tunes the cans in a hurry and has a setting that pretty much matches what age took away. It's been a long time since listening to music could be so nice at a low volume.

    I believe my thinking I needed Bose for good noise cancelling is over unless someone can tell me the 35 models are that much better for noise cancellation alone.

    BTW, It might be these Sony need a long time to charge but it also seems like they have a longer run time than others.
    12-16-2018 10:57 AM

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