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    Item description from Rocketbook Company website: “The Everlast notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services.

    When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like regular paper. But add a drop of water… and the notebook erases like magic. We designed the Everlast for those who want an endlessly reusable notebook to last for years, if not a lifetime. The Everlast has pages made with synthetic materials that provide an extremely smooth writing experience

    I have been fascinated with the concept of Rocketbook when I first saw it listed on The Grommet. The first product I saw advertised was the “Rocketbook Wave”. The concept is basically the same, but rather than being able to wipe the pages clean, you would need to place the book into your microwave with a mug of water on top. The “Wave” is only reusable up to 5 times, and has real paper. The “Everlast” Book, which comes with one Pilot Frixion Pen is made with a synthetic blend of paper and lasts much longer than five uses.

    I have had the book for a few days now, and have “played” with it quite a bit, and I really like it and do not feel as though I’ve wasted my money. Yes, I prefer to use my iPad for notes, but there are times when that’s just not convenient. I envision myself using this book to take quick notes at meetings, to make quick lists on the fly. It will be great for phone messages that I can then email quickly to my boss.

    So how does it work? Actually it’s quite simple. It works in conjunction with the Rocketbook App which which is on iTunes. At the bottom of each page that are symbols that you pre-program in the App and enables you to connect to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage, or Email.

    Product Review: “Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook”-img_0480.jpg
    Product Review: “Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook”-img_0481.jpg
    Product Review: “Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook”-img_0484.jpg

    You can change destinations through the app whenever you want. When you want to scan a page, mark the appropriate symbol at the bottom of the page (where you want the document to go to). Then open the Rocketbook App, tap “new scan” at the bottom of the app, and scan the page or pages that you want to capture and send.

    This is where I was a bit dubious. Would it work? What would the scan look like? I was pleasantly surprised that it worked very well, just as the manufacturer promised. And the scan was clean, crisp and clear. Of course, my handwriting could be better, but that’s another issue! The pen is a Pilot Frixion Pen, and has black ink. I can purchase additional pens, and in other colors, which I will most likely do, because I prefer blue ink! The Rocketbook Everlast is available in two sizes: Executive Size (6"x8.8") or Letter Size (8.5"x11"). Mine is the Executive Size, but I may consider the larger Letter Size in the future.

    In the short time I’ve had my Rocketbook, I am very happy and impressed, so I'm happy to recommend it! I purchased mine from Amazon with some Christmas money, and paid $29.93 (Prime). The Letter size costs $30.75 on Amazon. If you purchase directly from Rocketbook, the cost for the either size is $34.00.
    01-02-2018 09:52 AM
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    Well done, Annie, and thank you for the review....
    01-02-2018 10:51 AM
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    Great review Annie and thank you!
    01-02-2018 05:42 PM

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