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    I’m always a sucker for a new gadget. And last week I got a new toy in the form of the Anker “ROAV” Dash Cam. Since it syncs up great via an app with my iPhone, I thought I would share my experience here.

    It comes with a 1080p hi-def camera, a mounting plate (with adhesive), a 10 foot micro USB power cord, and an Anker 2 port USB car charger. It uses a class 10 or better micro-SD card that must be purchased separately. The Dash Cam can connect to your iPhone (or Android) via an app available on the App Store or the Google Play store through a built in WIFI network in the cam. You can use the app to toggle settings, as well as view and download videos to your phone. You can also remove the micro-SD card and load the videos on your computer via an adapter and the SD card port or a reader.
    So, with all that said, I thought I would share my impressions.

    Setup- 9/10

    Setting up the Dash Cam was pretty painless. I first ran the USB wire from the charger in my car around and up under the dash, and under the A-pillar moulding, and up and under the headliner where it meets the top of the windshield. I had plenty of wire to spare, and I left a good 7 inches of wire to hang down to where I would mount the camera beside the mount for the rearview mirror. This keeps the camera behind the mirror and from being a distraction. Of course you can choose the mounting location that fits your tastes. That said, choose your mounting location carefully. The mount has an adhesive back and a clip and lock mechanism that you slide the back of the camera into. The adhesive is pretty strong and should hold up very well in heat and cold. But, should you decide to change your mounting location as I did, you will need to spend quite a bit of effort to pry it from your windshield. That is some strong adhesive! Luckily, It came off clean and I was able to re-mount it. I guess this is better than a suction cup, since they can come loose with heat or cold and the fall from the top of your windshield to the dash or the console of your car might not work out to well for the camera or other items.

    Next step is to set up the camera and settings. You can adjust the vertical angle of the camera as it clicks in to various positions with a push of the finger. Then you can toggle through the settings via buttons at the bottom of the screen or through your app. Pretty simple. The app is the way to go though.

    IMAGE QUALITY – 10/10

    The ROAV has a Sony Exmor 1080p camera, and it does an excellent job of capturing high definition video. You can change the settings to 720p and the frame rate to 60fps if desired. So you have options to save space on the micro-SD card if you choose. The camera provides a 145 degree viewing angle so it can capture 4-5 lanes of traffic depending on where you mount it. It works in various lighting conditions, and does a pretty good job of capturing video driving directly into sunlight, and in low-light, night driving conditions.

    FEATURES – 8/10

    The Roav captures videos in loops, and copies over older videos as space is needed on the SD card. When the camera senses and accident via it’s G sensor, it protects the current recording so it cannot be copied over. You can also toggle a protected recording, if you wish, by hitting a button on the camera. It also has a Parking Monitor feature. This will record a 30-second clip anytime it detects movement of your car while parked. This feature is a bit finicky though. It will record you closing your car door and protect the recording. You can adjust the sensitivity, but I still found it recorded and locked videos of just normal parking lot activity.

    As for the built in WiFi built-in that allows you to connect your smartphone and app to download video recordings as well as toggle settings. This worked well for the most part. If for some reason, you need a recording immediately, you can use your phone to retrieve it without needing to wait until you can get to a computer. To use this feature, the Dash CAM*needs to powered up for the WiFi to stay on, so your car will need to be running in order to enable the WiFi. And if for some reason you have a passenger with the app who wants to view or download the videos, the front seats are the place to be as the range is very short. Additionally, the WiFi does not stay on all the time and will turn off the next time the camera is powered down. And, since the videos are HD, it willl take a few minutes to download each one to your phone. It should be noted that the WiFi only works with the app and not other devices.

    EASE OF USE – 9/10

    After you set it up using the built-in LCD, it’s pretty much a “set-it-and-forget-it” device. The menus are pretty intuitive using the buttons, but toggling the settings via the app is easier and a bit clearer to understand. The buttons are touch buttons and not physical. I found you had to press them firmly and physical buttons might be easier to deal with.

    Some things you need to know

    • There’s no memory card included, so you will have to buy one. I would recommend at least a 32 GB micro-SD card. Make sure it’s a Class 10.

    • When mounting the camera, make sure you are happy with the position… It’s a bear to move the mount….

    The app is called ROAV in the App Store or Google Play.

    All in all, this like every other Anker product I have delivers on what it promises.

    Anker ROAV DashCam-img_4153.jpgAnker ROAV DashCam-img_41521.jpg
    05-30-2017 11:16 AM
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    Thanks for the review, and have a great day...
    05-30-2017 06:07 PM
  3. robertk328's Avatar
    Thanks for the review! I have a 2 cams (one front and one rear), and really wish it had the wifi/app feature. Form factor of mine is very similar to these, so may have to look into these and swap them out! Mine have GPS which doesn't look to be available for this one though... hmm.
    05-30-2017 07:19 PM

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