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    Smudges! Smudges everywhere! Smudges as far as the eye can see! Yes, the back of the Rhinoshield Playproof is smooth and shows every smudge you didn’t know you made. Despite that, and despite the fact that the smooth back is also a little slick, the Playproof is one hell of a case. The case is deep enough to add maybe 1mm extra past the camera bump so it will protect your camera without issue. The cutouts offer plenty of extra space, so the camera cutout won’t affect your photos, the mute switch is accessible (bigger fingers may still have trouble), and you shouldn’t have any issues with third party chargers. As far as extra bulk goes, the Playproof also sticks up about 1mm above the screen to protect the screen as well. The buttons are some of the most tactile buttons I’ve found on a case, though you do have to press them down slightly farther than you would think.

    What really sets the Playproof apart from other cases though? The drop protection. I understand Rhinoshield has to cap the certified drop protection at 11 feet. I get that, however this case will definitely be able to handle a lot more than that. Now if you want the best protection you can get with the Playproof, I also recommend Rhinoshield Impact Protection screen protector. It’s not a glass screen protector and that’s what makes it great because it handle up to 4,000 pounds of direct pressure. So together, the two make an amazing combination of protection.

    Rhinoshield Playproof Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0167.jpg

    The Good
    • Major drop protection
    • Custom series comes in multiple designs and colors
    • Buttons are great

    The Bad
    • Every smudge shows
    • A little slick
    • No added grip

    Rhinoshield Playproof Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0166.jpg
    Rhinoshield Playproof Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0168.jpg

    Really there’s one reason you would ever want to play a Rhinoshield Playproof, and that’s because you want maximum protection in a slim case. Coupled with Rhinoshield’s Impact Protection screen protector at roughly the same cost as an Otterbox Defender, I would tell you to go with the Rhinoshield every single time. While the case may be a little slippery, it’s very easy to become accustomed to. I would even recommend the Custom series like I have to add some personality to your Playproof.

    You can purchase the Rhinoshield Playproof directly from Rhinoshield for $25, or the Custom series for $30.
    02-19-2017 06:08 PM
  2. flyinion's Avatar
    Nice review! I'll add that if you're ok with the white color you won't notice any fingerprints on it. Too bad about the darker colors doing that.
    02-19-2017 09:05 PM

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