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    The Patchworks Flexguard case is another slim TPU case and what sets it apart from the other TPU cases is what they call Poron XRD. I’m not entirely sure what Poron XRD is though I would assume it’s similar to D30. You can see the Poron XRD inside the case on the corners and it would have been nice if they put it around the entire casing rather than just the corners. I’m sure your phone would be fine in average corner drops although I’d be a little leery of any other drops.

    The back of the Flexguard is more rubbery than the faux aluminum bumper. The bumper part is also a lot shinier and brighter than I anticipated, it’s also a little slick. The inside of the case has a checkered backing to help with shock absorption. All the cutouts are fine except the mute switch, the mute switch is a little tight. The buttons on the other hand, need some work. You’ll have to adjust the case to get the buttons lined up properly otherwise they’ll be stiff and the case may actually press the buttons. Overall, it’s a decent case though.

    Patchworks Flexgaurd Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0132.jpg

    The Good
    • Grippy back
    • Nice fit
    • Most cutouts are great

    The Bad
    • A little slick
    • Buttons need some adjustment
    • Mute switch can be difficult to use

    Patchworks Flexgaurd Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0131.jpg
    Patchworks Flexgaurd Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0133.jpg

    If all you’re looking for is a slim case to protect from everyday drops and don’t mind a slight adjustment to the case, the Patchworks Flexguard is a solid option. Just remember the bumper is going to be a little shinier and brighter than the pictures make it appear.

    You can buy the Patchworks Flexguard Case from Amazon for $13.
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    02-09-2017 08:39 PM
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    Great review. Thank you for sharing.
    02-10-2017 08:33 AM
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    This is an awesome and very well thought out review! Thanks!
    02-10-2017 08:46 AM

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