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    When I ordered this case, I was first sent the wrong size. SwitchEasy was nice enough to expedite a replacement for me and they even sent me a free gift. That free gift was a screen protector, in the wrong size. It may be because I ordered off Amazon, I’d like to believe their workers aren’t that careless with orders. What about the case though? The SwitchEasy Numbers case is a slim TPU case and it won’t offer any lay on the table protection for your screen. The cutouts are very nicely done and everything is accessible. The main selling point though is what they call Native Touch buttons. They are nice, I’m tempted to say they are better than even Apple’s own aluminum buttons on the leather case.

    I did find that Plus version sits rather loose on the phone. It even started coming off my phone in my pocket at work. I do have to say that I have more physical job which is why I came off it my pocket. I also noticed that I can easily and accidentally start pulling the case off my phone on the sides. This is the most depressing part of the case, if it had a snug fit on my phone it would easily be one of my favorite cases. It’s not terrible, it’s just not the case for me due to how I handle my phone.

    SwitchEasy Number Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0154.jpg
    SwitchEasy Number Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0155.jpg

    The Good
    • Quite slim
    • Adds decent grip
    • Buttons are amazing

    The Bad
    • Loose on the Plus version
    • Can fall off your phone in your pocket
    • Can easily be accidentally pulled away from the phone

    SwitchEasy Number Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0156.jpg
    SwitchEasy Number Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0157.jpg

    If you have a standard size phone I would highly recommend this case for the slim case option, and if you’re okay with having a rather loose case, it’s still a good option for the Plus users. Really, that’s just a minor annoyance on an otherwise great case, especially at $10.

    You can buy the SwitchEasy Numbers case from Amazon for $10.
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    Thank you for sharing your views with us. It is appreciated, sir...
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