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    Let’s start by talking about the ordering process I went through. I have never bought a case from VRS Design before, and I knew of plenty of people who liked their cases. They had one, one case that I liked. It was on preorder, with a Black Friday special, estimated shipping date of November 30, 2016. On November 30, 2016 I was informed the shipping was delayed and the case would ship on December 2, 2016, or somewhere around that time, I actually can’t remember specifically. Well, come the new estimated shipping date and I received another email. Here’s $25, sorry your case isn’t shipping today either, we have no idea when it’s going to ship. Really then? Ok, this already took major points away from the case and more away from VRS Design as a company. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t place item up for pre order unless you’re positive a good number of that product will be available on the estimated date of shipping, not held back nearly a month. I digress, the case came in earlier this week and I do have possession of it, though I had some concerns concerning the quality of the case after the setbacks.

    The Good:
    • The case looks fantastic
    • The case is quite slim
    • Adds almost no bulk to the phone

    The Bad:
    • There is no grip on the sides of the case
    • There is no screen protection by the case
    • The camera cutout comes dangerously close to the flash

    Okay, okay, I’ve had a couple days with the case now and some of my initial concerns aren’t as bad today. I ordered the Brown/Gold option and I have to say they play very nicely with the Matte Black of my iPhone. You will have absolutely zero issues with your buttons, docks, chargers, etc. as the the buttons and bottom of the case are open. That’s right, The Simpli Mod actually curves around the power button, the volume buttons and mute switch, and completely curves around the bottom of the phone. I tested the openness of the bottom by connecting my lightning microphone, which does not play well with cases, and it fit like a dream. Unfortunately though, the Simpli Mod does extend slightly, and awkwardly, past the top of the phone and I have no idea why. There is also unnecessary labeling on the back of the case at the camera cutout, it says DUO CAMERA as if the phones owner is unaware of the fact that the 7 Plus has two camera lenses.

    The brown faux leather portion of the back of the case is very soft and feels great in the hand, it even offers some grip to the otherwise slick and slippery case. Which is my biggest concern with the Simpli Mod, there is no grip on the side of the case where you will be holding it the most. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if the front of the phone was protected at all. If you don’t have a screen protector and drop your phone in this case from any height face first, there’s a very good chance your screen is done. Now, despite the shortcomings with ordering and delivery, and the gripes with this case, you will get used to handling it with the slicker sides and overall it’s a great minimalist case. That’s all it is though, there is no real protection offered by the Simpli Mod, so if you’re looking for a case that doesn’t have a kickstand, has some appeal to it, and stops the back of your phone from being scratched, it’s definitely a case to look at. Just don’t expect a lot of protection from it.

    EDIT: Added photos and link, I will work on adding photos and links in all future reviews. Also, accidentally wrote in the shade of black in my review.

    VRS Design Simpli Mod Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0101.jpg
    VRS Design Simpli Mod Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0102.jpg
    VRS Design Simpli Mod Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0103.jpg

    You can buy the VRS Simpli Mod from VRS Design here
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    Excellent review. Thank you for sharing it.
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