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    UPDATE: After using this case again after a few weeks, I was reminded how much I really like this case and thought I would update this review for photos, good/bad list, and how I feel about the case a few weeks on. Thanks for taking the time to read this review again if you’ve already read it.

    To be honest, I never thought I would ever consider Platinum as a viable case option. I have a pretty bias when it comes to cheap cases and/or store brand cases. I had seen this case every time I went in to look for cases, I even slid the case out and felt it. It felt pretty nice, I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be good enough. Platinum I thought, no one goes to Platinum when buying cases. So I bought it out of sheer curiosity and my perception changed immediately.

    Platinum D30 Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0147.jpg

    The Platinum D30 is a slim case, it hardly adds any bulk to your phone. When I first put it on, I thought I still had another corner to put on because it went so smoothly, however it was fully in the case. Great, it must be another case that doesn’t fit very tightly. Nope, it’s quite a snug case, it just happens to go on and off with the greatest ease of any case I’ve ever used. This is one of the things that changed my perception of Platinum.

    The design of the Platinum D30 is pretty straightforward, it is made with D30, has a TPU bumper, and a rubber back. That rubber back adds a great deal of grip to your phone because of the texture, and it doesn’t stick to your pocket. It is a little bit of a dirt magnet as rubber is wont to be. The camera cutout is perfect, and the sides have a couple of raised pieces to add to grip and let you know where your hand is at all times. The case covers the buttons of the phone with a little indent and a raised piece to feel it, the volume buttons are dots, two dots for up and one dot for down. However, these button covers are very shallow and you can’t really feel the dots for the volume. That’s my biggest gripe with this case, the buttons feel weird at first though once you get used to them there are quite nice.

    The only other issue some people may have with the Platinum D30 is the lack of color options. You get once choice, clear TPU with orange lining inside (this is the D30), and black rubber back. For me that’s not an issue, I love the color combination. The speaker cutouts on the bottom of the case don’t really line up the speaker holes either, it doesn’t affect the sound at all though. You also won’t run into any issues with screen protectors or charging cables, the case is wide allow to allow any screen protector and likewise the lightning cutout is large enough to accommodate any cable.

    Platinum D30 Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0148.jpg

    The Good
    • Solid case
    • Lightweight
    • Adds a lot of grip

    The Bad
    • Doesn’t offer much lay on table protection
    • Only comes in one color
    • Back of the case is a lint magnet

    Platinum D30 Case Review (7 Plus)-dsc_0149.jpg

    If you’re looking for a fairly protective minimal drop rated case that doesn’t add much bulk to your phone while still adding a good amount of grip, I’d recommend the Platinum D30. I even recommend it over the Speck Presidio Grip. I never thought I would like this case as much as I do, and I’ll more than likely continue to check out Platinum cases in the future. I’ve been using the Platinum D30 for a couple weeks now and have not run into a single issue with it, which is more than I can say for many of the cases I buy, so check it out.

    You can buy it in store at Best Buy for $40.

    After Some Time: After using quite a few cases in the past few weeks and reviewing them I decided to throw my phone back into the Platinum D30 case. I mentioned how I forgot how much I really like this case. It adds a little weight to the phone though it’s almost imperceptible due to the quality design. It’s still really easy to put on and take off and still feels great. The level of grip it adds surpasses Speck and Silk Innovations if you ask me. The buttons are still a little weird being so flush, yet they are still quite a joy to use. My biggest annoyance with the case are the weird raised lines on the sides of the case, only in a couple spots. They just happen to be right where I rest my fingers when watching videos and I have to adjust my grip to avoid having the raised line dig into my fingers. That being said, it’s my only gripe with the case, I will still wholeheartedly recommend this case to anyone looking for a slim case. It really changed my perception of Platinum as a brand.
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    Thanks for the review. I believe Platinum is Best Buy's brand and these are rebranded Seidio cases. Seidio is a good brand in my experience.
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