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    Hey everyone! If you happen to be in the market or have a few minutes check out my review over the Mpow Armor Plus Portable Speaker. I started to do accessory reviews after my eight years in wireless and wanted to share my experience with everyone.

    Here is the video review if you don't like to read.

    Being in the wireless industry for over eight years I have seen and heard so many speakers that few stand above the rest. In comes the Mpow Armor Plus speaker to set the bar for others in its class.

    Starting with the physical construction the Armor Plus speaker is built super durable, as the name reflects. It is rated IPX5 which is rated for dust protection and slash resistant, which means it should be fine out on the deck of a porch, out camping, or if someone spills something on it. Just clean it up, dust it off and no harm should be done, it is not submersible. The front of the speaker has a metal mesh and an iron shell to add a more industrial look and protection. On the top of the Armor Plus is your standard Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Call/Equ, Volume control and power. And along the side is a hidden panel covering the Micro USB, AUX In and USB out for a 5,200 mah battery. Finally, the housing is a TPU design creating a layer of durable rubber all around the sides, giving the speaker more grip and keeps it from sliding around.

    For audio testing I played pop, metal, country, podcasts, and made a few phone calls.
    Internally, the Armor Plus has 2, 8 watt speakers and a passive radiator giving the speaker an amazing sound at all volumes. Most of the tests I used connecting with Bluetooth to test out the battery life at the same time. Turing the volume up on the Armor Plus causes no distortion, and gives you rich loud audio. The “call” button on the top gives you two different equalizer modes…indoor and outdoor. Indoor gives you a stronger bass and richer sound, while outdoor drops the bass a little and increases the volume. While there is an audio tone telling you the differences you should also be able to tell by the sound of our audio. Phone calls and using Siri work great, no real issues with quality on either end.

    One last feature the Armor Plus offers a 5,200 mAh battery pack. This gives you the ability to charge a phone in emergency situations or top off your phone while having it plugged into the AUX port. Normal battery live got me around 20+ hours, giving me plenty of time to use throughout the day and night. Comparing the Armor plus to other similar featured products this is an amazing deal, I would have no issue recommending this to friends, family, or even you!
    04-25-2016 10:01 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Excellent review! Well written and a great video. It was comprehensive, and JUST enough to give me the info I needed but not too much to lose my interest. (If you know what I mean) While I certainly would not have wanted to see ALL the testing, just 1 or 2 on screen test might have added something to the review. BUT nevertheless it was a GREAT job!
    04-25-2016 02:08 PM

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