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    Have you ever wanted to snap some cool, out of the ordinary pics on your Cell phone? No just the usual filters, or color tinted pics, but really cool Fisheye pics like im sure you have seen? Now you can! With the MPOW MLens V2 Fisheye lens you can let your imagination run wild. From fun far off shots, to extreme closeups this lens has it covered. Inside the box is a clip, the lens, and a nice soft bag to store it in. The lens itself has a few parts. There is a lens cap, and base cap (to protect it), and a detachable macro lens. You attach the lens to the clip which allows you to clip it easily to your phone. I have actually had a few other clip ons and I have to say, MPOW got it right! its very easy to clip on and line up whereas others need to be just right for the image to look ok. It has a very high quality feel. Weighty, without being too heavy. Its big enough to handle and use easily, but small enough to slip into your pocket and bring along. The clamp is firm and holds quite well. As a bonus, this lens is 37 mm and will fit on some cameras and video cameras as well!

    Lets start with the Macro lens. By unscrewing the main part of the lens (above the section marked Macro) you are left with a thin ring. This is the 10x macro lens. Using this section alone allows you to take extreme close up pictures. Normally a cell phone camera has a minimum focus distance (usually a few inches at best). Using the macro allowed me to get so close to the object I was just about touching it! These images show the same shot with and without the macro attached. As you can see its very blurry when not using it. With the lens attached its very sharp and incredibly close.

    Without Lens

    With Macro

    Reattaching the fisheye portion is as simple as removing it. Simply screw the lens back in place and you are ready for some more fun. The fisheye lens gives you a full 180 degree field of view. The image is very crisp and clear. You get the typical black area that is associated with almost all Fisheyes. The focus range of the fisheye is also really good (since you are leaving the macro on) you can get quite close.

    I think, if I had to find something to complain about, the threads on the clip seem like they could be a bit weak. Would prefer a metal clip/bracket but that's just a minor complaint. Overall, you will love this and get the coolest pictures!

    MPOW sent me this lens in exchange for my honest opinion

    If you are interested in purchasing this lens, use this code X4ZRTFE7 when checking out to receive $3 off! The AMAZON link is below
    04-14-2016 08:39 AM
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    04-15-2016 07:43 PM

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