1. Davyo's Avatar
    I plan on doing quite a bit of video with my soon to be arriving 128gb 6s Plus, I'm fairly set on getting the Moondog lens but was wondering if there are any other good clip on type anamorphic len's I should look at (in the same price range as the the Moondog ($175.00) or are there any apps that do will attain the same goal ???

    Thanks in advance.

    09-14-2015 06:35 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    09-14-2015 08:30 AM
  3. Davyo's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply back Keith, yes, I'm very familiar with the olloclip lens attachments and a few other brands but none that I have found so far shoot in the 2.35:1 CinemaScope format.

    CinemaScope lens attachments are being used a lot these days with iPhones, especially for many short films and movies, but it would seem the only company I've been able to find so far making the lens for the iPhone is Moondog Labs - Moondog Labs .

    Thanks for the reply.

    09-14-2015 11:54 AM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Moondog is probably your best option at this time. That could change soon though.
    09-14-2015 01:08 PM

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