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What's my iPhone worth?
  1. xsendoux's Avatar
    Im really into new things, but havent seen much cool stuff come along on kickstarter and such for a while now. Shopping for something for my wife's ipad air, she uses social media a lot and girly games..
    09-02-2014 11:36 PM
  2. agarwal.apar's Avatar
    What kind of accessory are you looking for? Keyboard, Case, stylus etc ?
    09-02-2014 11:53 PM
  3. HAWK's Avatar
    There are tons.... Need to be a bit more specific

    Sent from my iPad Mini
    09-03-2014 12:43 AM
  4. freelife2014's Avatar
    Any more details ?
    09-03-2014 01:39 AM
  5. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    09-03-2014 06:44 AM
  6. xsendoux's Avatar
    came across this "6thfinger" on kickstarter, looks to be pretty cool stuff for gamers. I am sure enough people can use it.
    Last edited by xsendoux; 11-20-2014 at 08:21 PM.
    11-20-2014 06:11 PM

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