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    The Inateck BP1001W bluetooth speaker is a small nicely designed speaker. It offers play, pause, answer call, end call, and volume controls via a single control on the back of the speaker. There is also a microphone on the back for voice calls along with a microUSB charging port and auxiliary input if you want to use it without bluetooth connected, or with a device that doesnt have bluetooth.The model I have has a white top while the rest is silver. The front and both sides where the speaker is at have an audio frequency design of small holes punched into it. The bottom has the power switch on it as well as four foam feet on it so it doesnt slide around or scratch the bottom.

    If youre looking for a booming speaker to use at a party or a big group of people, this isnt the speaker youre looking for. Though if youre looking for just a desk speaker or for small groups it works great for that. Also this speaker isnt going to offer you the best sound quality youve ever heard, and I think thats fine. Ive found most people dont care too much about sound quality and as a cheaper option for a bluetooth speaker the Inateck offers you a speaker to play your music through when you cant or dont want to use headphones.

    If youve ever found yourself in a situation where youre with a group of people watching a movie and the audio isnt quite getting to everyone, the Inateck will work great for that as well, or if you just want a more front facing speaker for yourself while watching a movie on your laptop, tablet, or phone. I listen to a wide range of rock music and while listening to this diversity of rock I will say the Inateck offers pretty good sound quality for its price. Its definitely worth checking out if youre on a tight budget.

    You can find other reviews online as well, it is quite affordable. You can buy it off Amazon and directly from Inateck. So check it out, maybe its just what youre looking for.
    Inateck - BP1001W
    Amazon - Inateck BP1001W

    EDIT: Here are some pictures I forgot to take when I posted the review.

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    07-18-2014 08:55 PM
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    Thanks for your review
    07-25-2014 03:17 AM
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    Excellent review shared, their honeycomb speaker seems also cool.
    08-15-2014 03:53 AM

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