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    I had become a non-user (because I will not place anything into the same pocket as the phone) and didn't have any problems until recently when I was cleaning my phone screen and discovered a significant "scuffy" kind of scratch. Apparently it came from the cloth I was using or perhaps there was a tougher piece of dirt that I pushed around with the soft cloth. Either way...I have now put protectors on all my devices. I usually go for the inexpensive options with 3x-5x per package. Incidentally the screen cover I put on the phone seemed to have camouflaged the scuffy scratch. I will use them from now on even though they are a bit irritating and I prefer the "naked" screen. Gorilla glass is resistant to scratches; not impervious to scratches.
    I had scratches on my unprotected screen. When I installed the protector it hid the scratches as well. I'm ok with it! Lol.
    03-31-2014 09:58 PM
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