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    Any kid in the 90's knows the Sega Genesis was the best console you could buy (ITS FACT). I was one of those kids. So when I saw this case on sale for my new 5s, there wasn't even a second worth of thinking before I had already bought it.

    Its a soft silicone rubber and pretty thick due to the backside being molded the way it is. I'm a little worried about well the silver on the 16-BIT will hold up to being in a pocket, but even if it wears off, its still a fantastic case just for the nostalgia factor.

    anyone who wants to buy it: I got it on thinkgeek, but its on Amazon and the makers website, Tommo.com. just search Sega Genesis iPhone case and you'll find it.

    EDIT: totally forgot to mention that the screen protector came with the case.
    Attached Thumbnails The Sickest Case I've Ever Bought (Sega fans get in here)-2014-03-25-15.28.52.jpg   The Sickest Case I've Ever Bought (Sega fans get in here)-2014-03-25-15.29.05.jpg   The Sickest Case I've Ever Bought (Sega fans get in here)-2014-03-25-15.29.28.jpg   The Sickest Case I've Ever Bought (Sega fans get in here)-2014-03-25-15.29.44.jpg  
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    Nice very nice 👍👍

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