1. pstmstr's Avatar
    Lifeproof finally announced availability of the fre case for the iPad Mini with retina display and I picked one up this week at Best Buy. So far, I am really liking it. It protects the mini while adding minimal bulk. When I first used a Lifeproof for my iPhone a year or 2 ago I didn't care for the screen protector but this one for the mini is really nice and actually feels like it's not there while still resisting fingerprints and smudges better than the naked screen.
    I can use my headphones without an adapter and the cover over the lightning port unsnaps easily. Some people don't like the sound of the device inside a Lifeproof but I think it enhances the sound and makes it easier for me to listen to podcasts. I've also found no problem using the built in microphone while in the case to get driving directions or ask Siri a question.
    I use the iPad mini some on my motorcycle and this case takes away the worry of having to stop and secure it when riding in the rain. It's early yet but I am impressed with the case and I don't think there is a better way to protect the mini while still having very little increase in the form factor.
    03-16-2014 12:04 PM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    Thanks for the review.
    03-16-2014 12:52 PM
  3. Rockdog97's Avatar
    Would this case fit a gen1 mini?

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    03-22-2014 12:31 AM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Would this case fit a gen1 mini?

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    Yes, their physical dimensions are identical.

    via the tablet
    03-22-2014 11:28 PM
  5. rayz336's Avatar
    Very good review, glad you're enjoying it!
    03-22-2014 11:59 PM

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