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    First, I would like to state that I was supplied a sample from Anker for testing and evaluation, and I promised them detailed, fair, and honest feedback on the product listed. This is my fifth review for Anker and these are my honest impressions of this product, for which I used to type this entire review.

    I would like to start with the first impression, the packaging. It starts with a white and blue box with a window in the front to show off the amazing quality of the case and cover combo. Over the top of the window is the Anker logo and under the bottom of the window is the Glaze Case logo. There is a security seal on the bottom of the box but not on the top. On the back of the box, Anker outlines the features of the case in English, German, French, and Japanese. There is also a barcode label affixed to the back of the box with the SKU and Model # and contact information for Anker.

    Upon opening the top of the box, a clear inner tray will pull out with the case & cover combo, inside the case is a gray foam packing with a desiccant pack in the middle. Also, inside the box is the Power User Program Invitation Card, and a Returns & Exchanges Policy.

    My initial impression of the Magnetically Attached Pull Apart Case & Cover Combo is that I am completely astounded by what you get out of a $15.99 retail case. The sheer quality and craftsmanship alone is merit to pay at least three times the cost for this case.

    The case itself is your standard type of bumper case where it covers the entire back and sides of the iPhone 5/5S, the entire bottom and top of the phone is open and the left side only where the volume buttons and switch is open. The rail surrounding the phone is plastic but has a metallic look to it that adds to the beauty. The back of the case features a leatherette feel and a diamond weave pattern that almost resembles carbon fiber from afar and there is small subdued Anker logo at the bottom center of the back. There is also a cutout large enough for the camera and double-LED flash from the 5S. The case by itself does not protect the front of the phone but have no fear, Anker also provides you with a removable cover for total protection.

    The cover is optional and when used does provide total protection of my precious iPhone, with the cover installed and clasp closed, I drop tested the phone from 4 feet onto tile with no damage. The cover features the same leatherette feel as the back of the case with an identical diamond weave pattern and the subdued Anker logo on the front right side. There are cutouts for the camera/flash and a cutout for the speaker to allow for use of the phone with the cover closed. The cover does have three magnets for attachment to the case and on the clasp, two magnets go the entire length of the case on the back and allows for kickstand use with many viewing angles. On the flap that covers the front of the phone has a single credit card slot reserved for the Coin that I will be getting this summer and the inside of the cover does have a soft feel to it and a random diamond pattern to make it look very stylish.

    Overall, I personally love the feel of this case and will be my daily driver from now on. While I do prefer belt holsters like the Platinum Design Kickstand case and holster sold at Best Buy. I did find out that this case by itself could work with my holster when I do not wish to use the cover. Finally, I can confidently say my phone can share a pocket with my keys and I will not have to worry about it being damaged with this combo. The case is lightweight and durable and I give 5 out of 5 stars for the cost involved. All Anker products are quality made and they are especially proud of them. You cannot go wrong purchasing this case and cover combo and protect your iPhone 5/5S in style.

    Photos (Sorry they are blurry - taken from an iPad 2)
    Anker Magnetically Attached Pull-Apart Case & Cover Combo Comprehensive Review-img_0113.jpgAnker Magnetically Attached Pull-Apart Case & Cover Combo Comprehensive Review-img_0116.jpg
    Anker Magnetically Attached Pull-Apart Case & Cover Combo Comprehensive Review-img_0114.jpgAnker Magnetically Attached Pull-Apart Case & Cover Combo Comprehensive Review-img_0115.jpg
    Anker Magnetically Attached Pull-Apart Case & Cover Combo Comprehensive Review-img_0117.jpg
    01-28-2014 11:06 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Caveat emptor.... Cases with strong magnets can make the GPS functions of devices non-functional.
    01-29-2014 07:57 AM
  3. Nissan4LIFE's Avatar

    You are correct in saying that there is a caveat to this combo as the magnets can affect the GPS performance, but that is the beauty of this combo, the magnets are only in the cover which is removable so I would recommend removing the cover when using the GPS functions of the phone. Hope that helps
    01-29-2014 09:42 AM

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