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    So I am a bit of a macro nerd, and after backing the new Easy Macro on Kickstarter, I actually own both now. Today the weather was amazing so I played with the Easy Macro while I was doing some photos for upcoming blog posts and plan to review this item as a comparison to the Olloclip I've reviewed in the past. I posted a few pics from the Easy Macro test drive on the iPhone5S Picture thread.

    So far, what I like about this vs the Olloclip is the fact that it can be used with just about any case, on just about any device, not just the iPhone. It's also nice to not have to be as close as the Olloclip to get a clear shot. Another positive is that you can use it on both the front and back camera, vs only the back camera, and it wont jack up your screen protector putting it on and taking it off, which is one thing I don't love with Olloclip, since it usually destroys them in the process of putting the clip on the phone.

    What I don't love about the Easy Macro right now is that it takes a little fenangling for lining up with the camera itself, which is kind of a first world problem considering. But really the bigger issue is that it's a little flimsier in the lens itself, and is only one lens with no other options such as wide angle like the Olloclip includes. However, you can stack two lenses to get more magnification, though I have not tried that, and might check that out one day. This is strictly a macro-only-option.

    Pairing either of these gizmos with your iPhone5s camera though will result in SERIOUSLY awesome photos regardless of your subject. My favorite is usually my rings, because I dig the facets and the way the camera captures them under magnification. I keep hoping my inclusions will show up under the magnification because under the scope they're freaking awesome, but I think I need a stronger macro for that.

    Anyone use either?
    12-28-2013 07:29 PM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    No. I really don't take pictures with my phone.
    12-29-2013 09:32 PM
  3. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    I've always gone with OlloClip since my iPhone 4S. It's sort of a pain honestly because you can't use it with a case. Taking awesome pictures naked isn't the best idea for me. Where did you get easy macro?

    Here are some old photos I took with the iPhone 5 and the 3-in-1.

    Sent from my [Gold] iPhone 5S
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    01-02-2014 10:18 PM
  4. ame's Avatar
    Great pics!

    Yea I love the Olloclip because the device itself is really well crafted, and the options are incredible. But the fact that it's kind of a hassle with the naked phone requirement and all, does kind of act as a deterrent to regularly use it.

    The EasyMacro you can get on their website, Easy-Macro, and they just finished a Kickstarter campaign to revise how the lens went into the band so I believe the ones you order now are the new one that came out of the Kickstarter. I am going to try to stack two together and see how that works. I used mine with my case on, and I use a speck candyshell. The lens doesn't touch the camera lens on the phone directly, because of the case, but it didn't hinder the ability for a great shot at all.
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    01-03-2014 10:53 AM

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