1. kashembd121's Avatar
    Got this kit for my iPhone 5s, never know about wireless charger before until my friend introduced me this. It fit very well, looks nice, and charges really fast, acutally much faster than my expect, i will get another one soon for my wife. I see some bad sides on review, but all seems like not a problem for me. The only thing i concern about is that there is not port for usb on the case, it means i had to get rid of the cable forever, it is not convenient to charge my phone with usb cable, means i had to buy another charging pad to put on my office table.

    For anyone interested, here is the link for this kit: Amazon.com: CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 / 5S (Wireless Charging Receiver Case and Wireless Charging Pad included): Cell Phones & Accessories
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    11-28-2013 10:06 PM
  2. TiredOfPhoneWar's Avatar
    Thanks for the link , nice price
    11-28-2013 10:42 PM
  3. vietalogy's Avatar
    12-04-2013 09:14 PM
  4. kuddus's Avatar
    I'm also interested on this Wireless Charger for my 5s. Affordable price.
    12-19-2013 03:26 AM
  5. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Hummm, interesting. Never thought abouth using one until now. I'm going to start my research
    12-19-2013 03:38 AM
  6. accactg's Avatar
    It's very cheap but quality is good. It helps me charge my smart Phone easily in outside of the home. It has WPC Qi standard wireless charging specification and all the Qi compatible receiver all from CHOE.
    iphone 5s wireless charger
    01-07-2014 07:18 AM

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