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    So I needed a keyboard case for my iPad Mini to do writing on. Well that's the problem right there. An iPad Mini is not the best size for writing on with a keyboard case. Not to mention most keyboard cases try to jam an entire full size keyboard into the space of about 9 inches. Enter Logitech, one of the companies that understands the limited space available for a tablet keyboard. I love them for that. The Zagg Folio may have been alright if it weren't for the $99 price tag on it. The iHome keyboard was better at $60, but it was a full size keyboard jammed into a cramped 9 inch space. But the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini sitting at $80, having standard keyboard key symbols, and utilizing almost all of the 9 inches available for the keyboard itself was a great choice for me. Now am I saying that typing on a 9 inch keyboard beats the desktop keyboard, no. No way. But it does allow me to be able to sit at my iPad and type when I don't want to bother opening up my laptop.

    First Impressions
    Okay, so I've had this keyboard case for less than 5 hours right now and I've barely had a chance to play with it, so I'm doing first impressions right now. It's a tiny keyboard, and I mean tiny. I have small hands but I have some difficulty typing on it. That was to be expected. But the keys themselves are raised and feel nice, there's even the slightest little click when typing on it like on a regular desktop keyboard. It has Windows function controls and Apple command controls on it as well. Like many bluetooth accessories it also has a iDevice home button on it. While it is mostly a stand, it does have a magnet snap on it like the Smart Case's and Smart Cover's have for portability. Other than the size itself, my biggest gripe with the case right now is the lack of control over the stand, it sits at one angle and one angle only. It just happens to be an angle I don't care for, though I can use my Smart Case to get a better angle if need be.

    I will give the case more time, probably about a week or so, and really play around with it and try to get used to typing on it. You can't base reviews and opinions based solely off first impressions. Overall though, I think given time I can become quite efficient with it. I've typed this up on my Mini while using it. Some errors of course, this is the most I've used it since buying it, but I am confident my typing will improve with use.

    Blazin' From Mini 2 You
    11-19-2013 05:17 PM
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    Thanks for the review, keep us updated
    11-19-2013 05:27 PM
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    Thanks for the review, keep us updated
    That I will, just after I feel like I've played around with it enough to give it a just review. Mine is Slate anodized and I've already gotten a scratch on the back ha ha.

    Blazin' Tap Tap Tappity 2 You
    11-19-2013 11:36 PM
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    I'm looking for a keyboard for my iPad Mini Retina. One of the concerns I have is that the keyboard won't feel natural to type on because it is a lot smaller. I was hoping that I could find something that has a similar feel to the Zagg keyboard that I have for my Air. I really need a traditional keyboard layout.

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    03-05-2014 09:46 AM

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