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    So I picked up a white Lunatik Taktik Strike case for my space grey 5S.
    I already have the Apple leather case for my slim, style over protection.

    Who should stop reading now?
    - Anybody who only likes slim cases and thinks an Android phone is too big, never mind an Android phone with an Otterbox case.
    - If you don't like the idea of screwing the case shut with 6 screws

    What is it?
    - Think Otterbox commuter alternative- a big, protective case that isn't water resistant.

    - Never pay full price for this- $59.99 off of Lunatik's website.
    - Seems like they put out promotional codes fairly regularly for 10-20% off
    - They have some rewards program where if you get friends and family to buy through you, you get 20% off. It's fairly easy to find one of these rewards programs link online (found one through a youtube review)
    - So all in all I paid about $56 ($8 for S&H)
    - Kinda pricey, but something different and cool. They used to sell it for $79.99, last I checked Amazon was still selling this for that price.

    How to put it together
    - Yes, the black dots on the bezel correspond to 6 screws and you get a little allen wrench and an extra screw.
    - Yes it is a bit of a pain to take on/off the case

    - I love it. It gives the 5S a tough, industrial look with all the sharp edges. I like this over the Otterbox commuter. I hate the big circle in the back to show off the Apple logo.

    - I was OK with the edge of the bezel when making calls, but then again I haven't made a 1hr call on it.
    - The ringer button is worthless. So you are supposed to press this button like a gun safety which is on the bezel. The problem is that the button is too short and you really need the end of a pen to use the button. FAIL.
    - The power and volume buttons are worthless. You basically need to kill yourself to get the power button to work. FAIL. EXCEPT... I had the same problem with my Otterbox commuter for my Galaxy S3. If you take a look at these buttons from the inside, the button is a concave bit with a piece of rubber in the middle. So theoretically you press the button, pushing that bit of rubber, which will press the button. I came up with the idea of ripping off some cotton from a q-tip and stuffing just the right amount into the inside of the rubber button. Too little, and nothing. Too much and the button is always depressed. Now the buttons are as easy to use as the 5S naked.
    - Cutout for the camera and flash seem to work fine, no issues with the proximity sensor, touch ID works fine, no issues with using the edge of the screen
    - The covers for the headphone jack and the lightning connector seem to be solid
    - Speaker works fine, some mild distortion but nothing horrible, and people could hear me fine, including Siri.

    Feel of the case
    - The plastic bezels feel a bit cheap
    - The black silicon inner case is somewhat grippy. Overall, it's not a slick feeling case
    - But the phone feels secure and sturdy. Like I can chuck it into my bag. With my Apple leather case? Oh hell no...
    - The case adds some weight to the phone
    - When typing with two hands or pulling the phone out of your pocket, that deep, sharp bezel edge gives you additional grip
    - Gripping a phone this size would seem like you couldn't get a secure grip, but again that deep bezel gives you something to grasp

    And finally... SIZE
    - Yes, this is a big case. And lots of reviews said this was a bit of a turn off.

    Let's take a look at some of the dimensions (in inches) for an iPhone 5S and my old phone, a Galaxy S3 (you'll see why this is important in a second)
    iPhone 5S 4.87x 2.31x 0.3
    Otterbox Commuter 5.25x 2.63x 0.63

    Galaxy S3 5.38x 2.78x 0.34
    S3 Otterbox Commuter 5.61x 3.1x 0.56
    Taktik Strike 5.6x 3.0x 0.67

    So as you can see, my old phone with a Otterbox commuter case was pretty much the same size as this case. So I'm used to this kind big phone. And so for me, coming from the S3, I'm OK with it. Yes, I'll agree it's a big case but I'm OK with that. This thing really does blow up the 5S size.

    I hate the fact that the ringer side button is worthless. It's annoying to have to screw in the phone. And the price is a bit steep. These are the big negatives for me. But overall, I really like this case. It's big, it's chunky, but it looks good. I think it's the best looking big, non water resistant/proof, protective case out there. Yes, it destroys the sleek elegance of the 5S, but it looks good in its own way. If I want sleek, I have my Apple leather case. I haven't dropped my 5S and I don't intend to, but I feel like this would hold up far better than my other case. Obviously this is not for everybody, but if you are looking for a protective case, I encourage you to take a look at this case- there are some videos on youtube that review it.

    So here are some things I've noticed while using it for 1 week
    The bad
    - Since the inner silicon sleeve is so thick, if your headphones are any thicker and/or shorter than Apple's headphones, you probably won't be able to plug them in. Same goes for the lightning connector
    - The black silicone can pick some some dust, but it's by no means a dust magnet
    - You have to remember where you leave that wrench. Or you really better like your case.
    - The screws over time will loosen a bit, when I took mine off, 2 out of the 6 were not as tight- mind you they weren't about to fall off, but if you are a leave it on kind of user, it's probably a good idea to check the screws every now and then. I tighten them just enough and don't try to put so much torque on them like I've sparyed loctite on it

    The good
    - It's tough At work, while taking it out of a drawer, I banged it on the cabinet as I was taking it out. No scratches, no worries. Put this on your iPhone and your OCD iPhone tendencies will be cured.
    - I've had this on for a week straight and took it out tonight- no scratches on the front or back.
    - I really like the case- it totally changes the character of the iPhone from a lithe, elegant, and delicate phone that needs to be handled with care to a big, tough-looking, storm trooper of a phone that you can lug around while growling and tearing a chunk of meat from your mutton on its bone.
    - I'm back to my leather case (and OCD tendencies) now to break the leather in, but it is a tough choice between the two.

    The pictures below show (L to R): Lunatik Taktik Strike, Otterbox commuter for the S3, the galaxy s3, and the Apple leather case.
    Attached Thumbnails Lunatik Tatik Strike Case review for iPhone 5S-pic1.jpg   Lunatik Tatik Strike Case review for iPhone 5S-pic2.jpg  
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    Thank you for posting the review. That looks like a big case for sure.
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    10-31-2013 08:10 AM
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    Had one of these for my 4S before.. Bomb proof!!!
    10-31-2013 08:42 AM
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    do you notice any affect on your signal?

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    02-10-2014 12:11 PM
  5. hydrogen3's Avatar
    do you notice any affect on your signal?

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    Can A case actually decrease reception?
    02-21-2014 05:28 AM
  6. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    Can A case actually decrease reception?
    Yes, if it's aluminum. Draco's cases drop signal by roughly one bar.

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    02-21-2014 08:34 AM
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    Nice review, and as already said, that is a big case. So it's out of the question for me, even LifeProof teeters on too large for my liking.

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    02-21-2014 08:36 AM

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