1. StylinProfilin's Avatar
    I grabbed a UAG case. Its great, but the inside of the case ended up putting black lines on the back of my iphone. Thank God the black lines came out. Trying to get the thing off, I cracked the UAG case. It was way too difficult to get the case off. Maybe others have no problem, but I did.

    The official 5s case is great. Soft touch outside and inside. Won't scratch the phone. Not difficult to get off. I need a case that has that soft touch on the inside with better protection.

    Please help.
    09-26-2013 08:15 PM
  2. adamhildenbrand's Avatar
    They make these latex cases. I wish I remember what they were called. They feel amazing. Super great. I might try googling latex iPhone 5s cases?
    09-27-2013 02:33 AM
  3. Disturbed_Angel's Avatar
    I am the same hunt as the OP. A case is only as good as the total protection it offers the phone. I am always worried about hard cases, because if something gets between the case and the phone, it could get scratched. This has led me to currently only using either my 2 Incipio DualPro cases (they have the silicone core which I think will prevent scratches), or a Mophie Helium battery case (it has small rubber spacers that should prevent rubbing). Honestly, I think that the majority of people are either only looking for deforming damage protection (AKA: as long as it works after I drop it its fine) or just worry about the looks of the case (AKA: oh, this case has Yoda on it, I want it), and in both of theses cases, I don't think these people care if they develop some small scuffs/hair line scratches. Those of us that do care to keep our device both working and looking good just need to keep voting with our wallets on the few options that do offer internal protection against dust, etc, inside the case against the device. I will most likely be getting 1-2 of the new Apple leather cases that they released.
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    09-27-2013 04:47 AM
  4. hydrogen3's Avatar
    Try a leather case. Sena or Mapi
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    09-27-2013 06:52 AM
  5. Exsurgo's Avatar
    This is an older post, but you may want to consider Seidio if you haven't found the case you need. I use the "Surface" case, and it keeps the phone thin, and has a material similar to soft touch velour (spelling) inside. No scratches whatsoever. Good luck!

    PS- www.seidioonline.com
    12-25-2013 03:54 PM
  6. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I use a Leather Jisoncase flip cover (opens from the side) for the professional look and it has a soft linening
    12-25-2013 05:07 PM
  7. Spencerdl's Avatar
    12-25-2013 05:09 PM
  8. dkhmwilliams's Avatar
    That's a nice looking case. How is it working out for you so far?

    Sent from my iPhone 5S. The "S" is for sexy.
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    01-05-2014 09:15 PM
  9. anon(73368)'s Avatar
    Oem apple leather case has what your looking for. Highly recommend!
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    01-05-2014 09:39 PM
  10. Spencerdl's Avatar
    That's a nice looking case. How is it working out for you so far?

    Sent from my iPhone 5S. The "S" is for sexy.
    Nice Very NICE. Very professional
    01-05-2014 10:13 PM

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