1. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Just wondering how you all keep your 5. Do you use a screen protector or not?

    If you don't, how is the screen? Any scratches or cracks occurring?

    I've always used a protector, but hate how the plastic gets scratched and smudged so easily.

    (Sorry if this has been asked numerous times!)
    05-23-2013 11:16 PM
  2. ups925's Avatar
    There's a few glass screen protectors out now. I have a spigen slim glas.tr and love it. No scratches or marks of any kind and since its glass it won't distort the screen like zagg or ghost armor skins, and doesn't provide any extra resistance to swiping. I had a glas.tr on my phone for 7-8 months and still had no scratches or marks of any kind.

    I saw a kick starter item about a sapphire iPhone 5 screen protector. It's thick but much stronger than gorilla glass 2 and the like.
    05-23-2013 11:23 PM
  3. thatotherdude24's Avatar
    I've always used screen protectors. It helps resale value and I don't have to be as careful.
    05-23-2013 11:57 PM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    I've never used a screen protector on any phone. Never had a screen get scratched yet. I'm very careful and I think a little lucky.
    05-24-2013 12:42 AM
  5. alicepattinson's Avatar
    Screen Protector is very important and cases as well.
    05-24-2013 12:49 AM
  6. anon(5895641)'s Avatar
    I have a case and no screen protector. No problem so far. I might put one on though since summer just started & sand+ glass don't really match well when you're at the beach
    05-24-2013 12:52 AM
  7. li2327's Avatar
    I use a barely there case and no screen protector. I wasted money on a few an always ended up taking them off.

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    05-24-2013 01:37 AM
  8. KaterinaM's Avatar
    I can't get used to having a case for my phone. So I had to buy a protector. For smartphones it is a must.
    05-24-2013 04:49 AM
  9. Nophix's Avatar
    I use cheap Tech Armor screen protectors from Amazon on all our devices, including tablets. You can't even tell they're on, and I rarely have to change them.

    My job is pretty active, so it's cheap insurance. I also use a Ballistic case at work, but at home my i5 rolls naked. It's far too pretty to cover up.
    05-24-2013 05:46 AM
  10. Alli's Avatar
    05-24-2013 07:03 AM
  11. gordol's Avatar
    No screen protector here, for a few reasons. In no particular order:

    • The glass is oliophobic (resists oils). Screen protectors have a tendency to destroy this coating
    • The glass is Gorilla Glass, meaning it's strong and highly scratch resistant on its own
    • I rarely keep mine in a pocket and never with anything hard/sharp, I use a belt case.
    • Every screen protector I've used in the past on other phones or PDAs have caused problems with registering touch-screen actions (both resistive and capactivie touch)

    I DO use a case, though. The back and sides are more scratch prone than the glass, and I do set it down on tables and desks that may scratch the back.
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    05-24-2013 10:37 AM
  12. John Yester's Avatar
    SGP Ultra fine for me.
    05-24-2013 11:15 AM
  13. fredriks's Avatar
    I have Spigen Glass on my IPhone 5.

    It's awesome, you can't see it's there. The feeling is great and I can really recommend it. Especially if you are using screen protector made of plastic today.

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    05-24-2013 06:06 PM
  14. anon(73368)'s Avatar
    I prefer the zagg HD! Lifetime warranty and it's smooth on the phone like your typing on the glass!
    05-24-2013 06:47 PM
  15. theKHMERboy's Avatar
    Since the first day I bought my iPhone I always had a matte screen protector for my phone.. I feels nice and it doesn't smudge the screen or have any glare so its good and I like to protect my phone
    05-24-2013 08:14 PM
  16. vdroide's Avatar
    I have a 4s, but if I am permitted to participate... I have it without case but glass protectors on both sides.. I think it helps protect against, little nicks. IN a serious accident the screen would be damaged anyhow. I don´t like the matte ones, because it takes away from the iPhone´s brilliant screen. IMHO.
    05-24-2013 08:36 PM
  17. fightcrazy's Avatar
    Installed a PureTek roll on screen protector. I never had much luck installing them, always air bubbles or dust under the screen. This install came out perfect. Took my time, cleaned the screen real good, used scotch tape to dab the screen to remove any dust I may have missed and used the roll on installation and perfect, all holes lined up just perfect. No one was more surprised then I. I recommend this product, not cheap, if you are looking for perfection this is the answer.
    05-24-2013 09:57 PM
  18. grassyblue's Avatar
    Just do it. Your phone is probably in places where it's easy for the screen to get scratched. Get some Tech Armors from Amazon for about $6 or $7 for a pack of three. Look and work great.
    05-24-2013 10:24 PM
  19. jclisenby's Avatar
    I use the Otterbox Defender, which has a built-in screen protector. I wouldn't use anything besides the Defender to fully protect my iPhone from drops, bumps, and scratches.

    Tappin and Talkin from my iPhone 5
    05-24-2013 10:27 PM
  20. iVenom's Avatar
    I like to rock a screen protector. I didn't on my first i5 (had it replaced) and it had a scratch on the screen after two months. I think it was from the earbud plug its the only thing that's in my pocket with my phone.
    05-25-2013 04:12 AM
  21. tyrelian's Avatar
    I have a screen protector with my otterbox commuter case and I love it
    05-25-2013 11:36 AM
  22. Chris Blaze's Avatar
    It depends--if you're into preserving as a high a resale value as possible then you should go for a screen protector and/or a case. If you don't care much for resale value or don't care much for minor scratches then a screen protector may be unnecessary for you.
    05-28-2013 10:47 PM
  23. Jude3435's Avatar
    Which case do you use?Thanks
    05-29-2013 08:46 AM
  24. taz323's Avatar
    Use a ballistic case for at work, but at home just a slip on case. Like the look of the phone.
    05-29-2013 06:24 PM
  25. Jude3435's Avatar
    I do as well. I have Otterboxes but I've ordered a Sena ultraslim pouch/case.
    06-03-2013 02:01 PM
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