1. ridiculocity's Avatar
    Just wondering what people have backed from Kickstarter?

    Have you received it?
    Do you use it?
    Was it well made?

    I have backed 3 products.

    Firstly I backed the icontrolpad. I love it! Now that I'm once again jailbroken I am using it a lot more as I can use it with all my old arcade roms. It works well on over 100 AppStore games and is great to use as a controller for my iPad 2 / iPad mini. If only more devs included the ability to use this awesome product.

    This device works with heaps of different phones and my iPhone 5 fits snug onto the controller even with my case on.

    What products have you backed from Kickstarter?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1362196398.026139.jpg

    I also backed the TiltPod. This awesome little product serves as a little camera tripod that attaches to your keychain. It was a perfect fit with my iPhone 4 but sadly it's hit and miss for my iPhone 5. Because of the thickness difference I found I needed to find a case that would add enough thickness to make it tue thickness of an iPhone 4.

    I contacted the creators and that was their best suggestion. Sad because its a great product. It's simple to use and ice taken many great photos with it.

    Hopefully the dev will create a new clip for the iPhone 5.

    What products have you backed from Kickstarter?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1362196745.074704.jpg What products have you backed from Kickstarter?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1362196758.291935.jpg

    The last product I've backed is an iOS game called Republique. I backed it way back in 2012 and have been following the development of the game which seems to be going very slow.

    The game promised to be very unique and at a glance reminded me of old PSX title Fear Effect with a hint of stealth.

    So far I've been very selective what I have backed and am happy with my few choices. Glad also that I have refrained from the countless smart watches on Kickstarter as I'm hoping Apple will finally release their own watch solution.

    Let me know what you have backed?
    03-01-2013 10:04 PM
  2. patricksmangan's Avatar
    Are we only talking electronics or accessories? Cause I've backed a movie & that's it. Wasn't too long ago so I haven't received anything yet.

    What products have you backed from Kickstarter?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1362207360.856045.jpg
    03-02-2013 12:56 AM
  3. ridiculocity's Avatar
    That's pretty cool!! Who would have thought 20 years ago you could donate money to a film and get your name in the credits along with the finished product.
    patricksmangan likes this.
    03-02-2013 01:05 AM
  4. Alli's Avatar
    The list is getting long and I'll likely forget half. Recently I donated to save a vintage theater locally. They got enough funding to do a total restoration of their equipment. Tiltpod, also, Cell helmet, Foco, iFilm (which was a failure, IMHO), Une Bobine (also not as great as I'd hoped), Scanbox (LOVE!!), Kioky, and the Flex iPad case (also love, but not available for the Mini).
    03-02-2013 07:53 AM
  5. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Tilt stand for MacBook Pro
    03-02-2013 09:19 AM
  6. Lozi's Avatar
    Wally wallet case and umoro shaker bottle.
    03-02-2013 08:47 PM
  7. ame's Avatar
    Tiltpod, I think Olloclip was one as well, and today SIMPLcase for iPhone 5 which I don't even have yet, I just think it's a rad idea.
    03-04-2013 03:07 PM
  8. ridiculocity's Avatar
    Those of you who got a tiltpod, do you use it??
    03-04-2013 07:58 PM
  9. ame's Avatar
    I used it like twice. I rarely take the case off. Same with Olloclip. I have to be deliberately needing/wanting to use it bec I don't often take the case off.

    SIMPLcase for iPhone5 got funded completely, and I saw today that they have one coming for 4/4S that just went up and has 45 more days on it I think for funding. They must have gotten a lot of requests for it. Hopefully that also gets funded.
    03-21-2013 12:47 PM
  10. John Yester's Avatar
    LUNATIK Case recently..
    03-21-2013 02:34 PM

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