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    I have been contemplating getting a case w/ keyboard for my iPad. I have tossed around the pros and cons of things like the Kensington Keyfolio (with removable keyboard), with a pro being the removable keyboard, but a con being you can't rotate the ipad for a different viewing angle. The targus Versavu has the opposite problem - the ipad rotates, but the keyboard is attached (plus it seems really bulky).

    I have come across the New Trent Airbender case - it is designed like a clamshell. The latch holding the iPad to the keyboard is detachable, so it is basically like a detachable keyboard. Plus, the latch has a rotating hinge, so you can rotate the case into any position. The only potential problems are the weight (no idea how it compares) and it isn't a "folio" style case (ie, I won't be carrying about a leather notepad holder or something).

    Anyone else have one of these and want to share their thoughts?

    12-21-2012 01:12 PM

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