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    Hi Guys!

    My name is Harry from OCDesk, CO-Founder of the OCDock and we went live yesterday with our first project on kickstarter and thought you would be interested. I hope I can make some of the iMac and Thunderbolt display owners a bit happier by making their desks cleaner.
    If you are interested in seeing some of the "behind the scenes" photos, then let me know and I can show you some of the more exclusive material
    Kickstarter link:

    iPhone Dock for iMac & Apple Displays

    The product is a beautifully designed aluminum made iPhone dock that integrates seamlessly with Apple iMac and Thunderbolt Displays, creating a free and clean workspace. A world's first. Imagine a dock that entirely removes the traditional dock and cabling from the desk. The name OCDesk stands for Obsessively Clean Desk...something that many iMac and Thunderbolt users are truly obsessed about.
    Sorry, for the kickstarter link not working and that some pictures repeat, there seems to be a fault in the posting system.

    Thanks a lot!
    PS. Please check us out on Kickstarter
    Attached Thumbnails World's first iPhone dock to seamlessly integrate with iMac/Thunderbolt display-good-design.png   World's first iPhone dock to seamlessly integrate with iMac/Thunderbolt display-fits-cases.jpg  
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    Looks nice, good luck with your venture.

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