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    This is a 2 piece Extra durable protective case for the iPad Mini. It's available in a few different colors. I choose Blue, but may go back and pick up the Pink one also to change up once in a while. I found this case at AT&T for $40, however, you might find it cheaper somewhere else if you search online.

    The edge of the case has a nice lay on the table design for those who like that. Also, for those like me who use a screen protector, this case works well with it and won't cause it to bubble up.

    The speaker grill has cut outs that open at just the right spots without blocking the holes. There is also a small opening for the lightning port that works well with the Apple charger. The power and volume buttons are covered up and are very easy to press. There is a small opening for the mute switch which is easy to get to when needed. On the back of the case is a wide opening for the camera.

    Final thoughts:

    The ifrogz Cocoon case doesn't add much bulk to the iPad Mini, however, it does add a little extra weight, so those who are looking for a light weight case might want to look elsewhere. I've been using the case for 2 days now and overall I like it a lot. It looks nice on the Mini itself and I feel it is durable enough to withstand a good drop, although I have no plans to test this out for you, lol.

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    11-25-2012 12:09 AM
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    Is it still easy to hold one handed?
    12-20-2012 12:21 AM

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