1. Branz1's Avatar
    I'm currently using a snap on case from amazon but was thinking of getting an outterbox. Which case do you have on your new iPhone 5? Do you recommend that case? What's your review on it? OR what case are wanting to get? Why? Interested in hearing everyone's comments =)
    09-23-2012 07:01 AM
  2. Jman1313's Avatar
    I'm using an Incipio Frequency on mine. I also have a bumper coming on Tuesday. I would love to go bare, but I slide my phone into a custom car holder, and without a case my sides would be scratched to hell. Also, bare these phones tend to slide on smooth surfaces, so I want something with a little grip as well as a lip so I can set the phone on the screen and not scratch it.

    I like the Incipio, though. It's sleek, quite thin, and is semi rigid. While thin, it really feels like the material would offer truly excellent protection in a drop.

    I can't do bulky cases like the Otterbox...they drive me nuts.
    09-23-2012 07:19 AM
  3. danightryder's Avatar
    I'm also using the incipio frequency and I really love it, Very small sleek minimalistic design and feel.
    09-23-2012 07:22 AM
  4. moskins's Avatar
    I bought an Incipio case from Verizon. It reminds me of my old Otterbox Commuter case, except much thinner. Very sturdy but also much lighter than the Commuter. My last case purchased for my iPhone 4 was a Rokform v3. I loved that case and will consider purchasing one when they make an iPhone 5 case. My only concern is the added weight as I'm loving how light the iPhone w/Incipio feels now. Although I do like the additional mounting and clips options which Rokform makes.
    09-23-2012 07:28 AM
  5. FlyLife's Avatar
    I'm using a CandyShell Grip case from Speck. Very good.
    09-23-2012 07:30 AM
  6. anon(4706822)'s Avatar
    I have always had a good experience with Incase. I dropped my iPhone 4 a few times and it survived with no harm. However, I have to add that all those times it landed on its back thankfully. The only thing that the case caused some minor wear on the sides and towards the end of its 2-year run the plastic above the 30-pin dock cracked.

    If you want something super durable I hear life proof cases are great but could feel bulky in your pocket. One thing to consider is that the better care you take of the phone the more it is worth when you sell it back for a newer version.

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    09-23-2012 07:30 AM
  7. snuffleupagus99's Avatar
    Using trident aegis atm, incipio dualpro on order also. Just not a fan of otter box
    09-23-2012 07:31 AM
  8. finn5975's Avatar
    I'm using a Case-Mate Naked clear case. It shows the beauty of the iPhone well and is extremely thin and cost $35. I just ordered a black bumper off of amazon for $10 so I'll see which I like better.
    09-23-2012 07:39 AM
  9. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    Currently using a Gear4 Thin Ice completely clear sides/back hard plastic case but I want to get a thin bumper and run the phone virtually naked apart from a front/back screen protector too.
    09-23-2012 08:17 AM
  10. Alli's Avatar
    09-23-2012 08:35 AM