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    Well, the iPhone 5 comes out soon, and if I won't be able to upgrade early, I have decided that I want to go the minimalist approach with my 4S. I currently have a Speck PixelSkin HD, and it's the perfect case between minimum size and maximum coverage. Along with my case, I have a front and back screen protector. I like to keep scratches off. There are no scratches on my phone except maybe micro scratches on the home caused by the thumb, but they are only visible at certain angles in the sunlight.

    How sturdy are apple bumpers, and do they last a long time? Are they compatible with both a front and back screen protector? What other bumpers are aesthetically appealing and well made that work with front and back screen protectors? Also has to offer the "lay on face" protection.
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    09-09-2012 01:36 PM
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    I liked the bumper. Worked very well at protecting the edges. Only problem is that's all it protects. I'd go life proof or otter box for full protection.
    09-09-2012 10:06 PM
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    I have the black Apple bumper and it has held up quiet nicely for the last 9 months. After the initial shrinking of course, using a hair dryer and freezer.(google it) I can't vouch for the screen protector as I don't use one and refuse to use one. As long as you drop on a flat surface your relatively safe, maybe not as much as a lifeproof or a defender but safe enough. I've had a few drops in the 9 months on concrete, asphault, grocery isles, etc. etc. and not one blemish on my phone.
    09-10-2012 01:13 PM