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    While Apple officials have never acknowledged iPhone5 when the arrival, but the rumors that Apple will be announced on September 12 the news about the new iPhone smartphone specific time to market for September 21.

    Although Apple is very silent, but retailers have begun selling the iPhone5 accessories. In Los Angeles Spigen said on its website that "has to be ready to greet the arrival of the iPhone5, but has begun selling the the Steinheil Series iPhone5 screen protector is priced at $ 13.99 and multi charger for iPhone5: iCan, is priced at $49.9.

    The company will also promote more advanced tempered glass the Steinheil GLAS.t protect iPhone5, but this product is in external sales until September.

    Photos posted on the company's website is the iPhone5? Not exactly, the photo is on the basis of "hearsay", played by Bryce Hammond imagine designed. He is designed based on the components of the iPhone5 leaked online.

    So, does not mean they know the real iPhone5 look like before the iPhone5, Spigen began selling accessories.
    08-21-2012 11:09 PM

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