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    The recent exposure of Apples next-generation iPhone news more and more various disassembled components, screen size, the back panel to connect base. There are rumors that the next generation iPhone is expected to be released in September this year. Waiting for the truth.

    Another reliable source today said the iPhone5 the capacity of 1440mAh, higher than the iPhone4S battery 1430mAh and 1420mAh iPhone battery via 9to5Mac exposed material . And exposure photographs of the battery components.

    With the upgrading of the battery capacity, voltage is also slightly improved, reached 3.8V, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 battery voltage of 3.7V. The iPhone5 new battery capacity is calculated in accordance with the watt hour (WHR) reached 5.45WHR, iPhone 4 for 5.3WHR and iPhone 4Ss 5.25WHR.

    Depending on the battery label seems the battery manufacture date of June 2012. In line with the timetable of the next-generation iPhone component manufacturing.

    Apple to enhance the the iPhone5 battery capacity, widely speculated that the new theiPhone5 may support LTE networks. Because the power consumption of the LTE network is greater than the 3G network, so the phone has a bigger battery. However, a better way is to give the iPhone5 match a multi charger, iCan is pretty good!
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