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    Sorry to post here but didn't no exactly where to post.

    Heres my trouble. I just change all the front parts of an iphone 3gs that someone give to me
    saying its broken. Everythings work fine now exepte for the earspeaker....nothing to ear in it.

    All the peace are brand new (glass home/earspeaker part and lcd) the only thing i didn't
    get is all the screws (no screw olding the lcd with the frame plate, and no screw at the bottom)

    So my question is...did i need the screw to be in place to make contact for the earspeaker ? or
    it's part faillure and need to change it once again ?


    I did test today and i see that the proximity sensor is working fine (i call myself and as soon as i put my finger close to the earspeaker the screen goes black) but still no sound in the earspeaker. So i think that the ribbon is set ok but still missing the screw that hold the lcd back plate and the middle part assembly (the one with the earspeaker) so any of you know if the problem is the missing screw ??
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