1. ray6712's Avatar
    Have been reading numerous reports of this supposedly new iPhone and I'm wondering to myself how early would apple show the new hardware to vendors for cases. And if they did show this mockup why haven't we heard them hunting these guys down to seal the leaks or any lawyer action?
    07-12-2012 01:10 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    According to Steve Jobs on iPhone 4, they didn't show it to anybody prior to announcement but of course one was found in a bar. Typically, Apple is secrative and does not trust any vendors about showing their iOS devices prior to the keynote announcement.
    07-12-2012 01:14 PM
  3. ray6712's Avatar
    that's what I thought so if this is true then there wouldn't be any leaks at this point probably outside the carriers and Foxconn that I could see. that's why it's hard to believe these leaks that we've been seeing so much of but maybe they are on point
    07-12-2012 01:19 PM
  4. DomFeeney's Avatar
    The major accessory players won't have seen a physical phone or prototype but have definitely had CAD drawings under strict NDA by now for sure.

    One of my colleagues in my current job used to work for a major top tier accessory manufacturer. They got the CAD drawings at least 6months prior if not more. This enables them to have a selection of products in the market at or very near to launch.

    This adds extra value to the iPhone and has happened with each and every launch so far.

    Could you imagine a new iPhone release and then a 3-6month wait while the accessory manufacturers design, re tool, manufacture then ship cases and other accessories???? Disaster and has never happened

    so in answer to your question, Accessory manufacturers have been provided with CAD drawings and measurements of the new iPhone.

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    07-12-2012 03:13 PM
  5. ray6712's Avatar
    yessir that's what I figured but the shear amount of leaks surrounding this model makes it seem like either apples security is lax or they just don't care if it leaks or not
    07-12-2012 03:25 PM
  6. writergal's Avatar
    Right, but in the fashion world, Holiday 2012 previews have already started. Of course, this could also mean that they're only showing the 4/4S cases while at the same time, producing (but not showing) cases for the new iPhone set to launch soon.
    07-13-2012 02:16 PM
  7. redbeard's Avatar
    Case maker companies won't see it until the public does, laughable to think Apple sends out any details months before a release, if that was the case, they wouldn't have all got it wrong last year with supposed iPhone 5 cases.

    Anybody also notice all the supposed iPhone 5 leaks stopped after WWDC? If anybody has anything real, it's because it was stolen from Apple or Foxcon.
    07-16-2012 04:56 AM