1. hahab's Avatar
    Hi iMore,

    I am thinking of getting the leather smart cover cause i really like red and navy blue color but the price tag is the only thing that keep me thinking wether or not it's gonna be worth it.

    I just want to know, how's your leather smart cover condition right now after a lot of use? still in good condition? anything you didn't expect happened to it?

    I saw a youtube video comparing the smart cover and the leather is in a pretty bad condition. I'll post the link down below.

    Do you think i should just get one or go for the poly??

    Thanks iMore
    06-09-2012 09:31 AM
  2. SEAL62505's Avatar
    I bought a used tan leather smart cover off of eBay. No way would I ever pay $70 to get one new. So far it has held up, but I do know that it won't last as long as a polyurethane one. Mine is not like in the video though - Not even close to that bad.
    06-16-2012 03:31 PM
  3. iFan2012's Avatar
    So is this Smart Case for ipad worth buying?? I've just checked the review and i'm not sure whether to buy it or not. What would you say?
    06-20-2012 04:51 AM
  4. anon(1157152)'s Avatar
    I had one, but it seemed as if the magnet weakened with time. It began falling off a lot. Very frustrating. I wouldn't buy another one.

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    06-20-2012 07:13 AM
  5. brijuhaha's Avatar
    I tried the smart case but i dont like it all. Although it has red color option, which i love so much, but the case itself isnt that great to hold and the cover feels weaker than smart cover. I dont think it worth your money. I would rather go with smart dover + back case, which feels much more sturdy IMO.

    I really want the leather but it seems like it wont last as long as polyurethene
    06-20-2012 08:41 AM
  6. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    @iFan2012 I've been using the smart case for the last few days and don't like it at all:

    - The magnet isn't strong enough to keep the cover in place. If you turn the iPad upside town it'll come loose.

    - It adds even more of a bezel around the iPad. Makes the screen look smaller and leaves an unfinished edge showing...looks kind of cheap.

    - The size it adds makes it difficult if not impossible to put the iPad into a sleeve (unless you get an oversized one) if you use one to carry it around.

    It just doesn't feel like a typical OEM Apple product and worth what they're charging for it.
    06-21-2012 11:21 AM
  7. brijuhaha's Avatar
    I asked one of the apple guy about it and all he said was "This case was released because a lot of people complained about smart cover not covering the back of the iPad."

    Im pretty sure if Steve is still around, this case would not be in store at all, it's so not apple to be honest. I still orefer the smart cover overall
    06-21-2012 06:24 PM
  8. nikegame's Avatar
    There are still many problems.But as an ipad owner we have no choice but to buy one for the protection!At least it can protect the ipad to a certain degree.
    06-28-2012 03:49 AM
  9. dwayne.williams's Avatar
    I was looking at buying one of the smart cases. They look really cool and there aren't many cases out there that I like. It is kind of pricey, but I do want to keep my iPad in pristine condition.
    06-28-2012 08:22 PM
  10. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    I'd suggest checking out the smart case in person first, preferably with an iPad in it, and deciding whether or not it's for you. There are other products that offer similar protection (ie. Speck Pixelskin) for about the same price or for just a few bucks more, but look and feel like a better quality case.
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    06-28-2012 09:20 PM
  11. CG68's Avatar
    I bought my black leather smart cover off eBay several months ago for about $20. It was in perfect condition and still looks great on my iPad 2. The magnets still work well too.
    06-29-2012 02:51 AM
  12. hahab's Avatar
    I bought my black leather smart cover off eBay several months ago for about $20. It was in perfect condition and still looks great on my iPad 2. The magnets still work well too.
    Now this is interesting. Is there any like noticable difference between the one you got from ebay and the one comes form apple store?

    As i mentioned earlier, i was interested in red and had a chance to play around with it. But after a while there was a noticeable dirts on the cover and i dint really like it. I guess black would do
    07-02-2012 07:33 PM
  13. rayz336's Avatar
    Mine still looks okay but some spots are darker now Attachment 17009

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    07-02-2012 08:54 PM
  14. dwayne.williams's Avatar
    Decided not to get the smart case. But since I already had the smart cover, I bought a Belkin case to go on the back. It works well with the smart cover.

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    07-04-2012 06:36 PM