1. hilol's Avatar
    Hello, I have a white iPhone 4s, and I've had every case you could think of. I have always liked the newer otterbox defenders, but I was on eBay recently and saw a fake otterbox defender but in the older style, with the smaller flash diffuser ring, and I ordered it, it was about 12 dollars. I wanted to see if I'd like that style. And for a fake, I fell In love with it. It was really loose but I loved the way it looked. So I have to ask, are the older ones the same durability as the newer ones? I have 3 of the new 4s versions and ive had the same problem with all of them. The top left corner becomes really loose and doesn't fit around then plastic. Yesterday I ordered then white on black version of the older otterbox and I'm just wondering if it's the same durability? Hope to hear back soon! Have a nice day everyone
    03-17-2012 11:01 AM
  2. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    IMO, the newer OB Defenders are better than the ones for the older generation iPhones. The silicone shell has been made stronger on the 4s models. My sis has an iPhone4 and an OB defender and the silicone around her phone has stretched just a bit whereas the silicone on my 4s seems to be heavier than hers and has held up longer.

    If it stretches on yours, call Otterbox. They'll send you a free replacement.
    03-20-2012 10:01 AM