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    This post relates to a Plantronics M50 headset. I unfortunately haven't found much information on the Plantronics website so thougth I'd try here. I purchased the Plantronics M50 a couple weeks ago and for the last week have set it up and used it with my iPhone 4S. It is a great Headset
    I didn't think I'd use the MultiPoint since I only have one phone but I have an iPad and found out it can be set up on the iPad. I like to use it on the iPad when playing videos, etc. so I can use it for audio and at some point may use it with Facetime for video calls.
    The issue I have is how do I switch it between devices? Once I turned on MultiPoint and paired it with the iPad (Phone 2) everytime I turned on the Headset it would say MultiPoint On, Phone 2. I could not find any way to get it back to Phone 1, the iPhone.
    If I'm correct while watching a video on the iPad if the iPhone rang I would have the choice to press the call button to answer it and it would work with the phone but for example if I decided to watch a video on the iPhone then I have no clue how to get back to Phone 1, the iPhone.
    The only way I could find to get back the Phone 1 was to turn Phone 2 off completely. Even turning off MultiPoint still connected to Phone 2.
    I would imagine the Plantronics M50 has to have some type of feature to switch between the two devices. How do I do that?
    Thanks for your help.
    01-22-2012 10:48 PM