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    I just wanted to post a thread for those wanting Blue tooth with their Iphone 4s. This is my very 1st Bluetooth hands free devise. I need it for work for when i am driving. I picked up the Jawbone Era Shadowbox from the verizon store. This thing has great reception and others say i sound like i am standing right along side them. My problem came when my phone and head set was idol and when i received a text message or email i did not get an alert letting me know i have something new. I called apple, and went back to the verizon store, and neither one could help me out. I returned the 1st jawbone era and got a 2nd one to see if that was different, but it all worked the same. NO ALERTS for text and email. I dug around on the internet and found that others having this same problem needed to plug the jawbones into the computer and go to mytalk.jawbone.com to turn off the settings for A2DP. Now this will stop the streaming of audio for music by bluetooth to your head piece, but really, do you want to listen to music with only one earpiece, I don't. So this is not a big deal to me. But by turning off the A2DP i now have my alerts back for text and email.
    If anyone has anything else to add please let us know.
    01-07-2012 03:41 PM
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    Found another issue. Using the Era to access siri also turned on voice dial from the blue tooth. Siri does not like this so much. I connected the Era back up to the computer and went back into mytalk.jawbone.com and loaded the voice control app for accessing siri. This works great except for asking siri to make a call for me. If i ask siri to call mom or who ever, i lose auto and the other person can not hear me either while talking thru the BT ERA. If i choose from contacts on my 4s then everything works fine. This is not a big deal to me and still worth keeping, but others may not think so. Receiveing calls everything works perfectly and thats what i mostly wanted it for anyway. Sure its a little spendy but worth it for me since i work in a noisy area, this thing blocks all noise.
    01-08-2012 07:43 PM