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    So i ordered some new screen protectors by accident this weekend. And I'll tell you now these things are amazing. First green onion is not a company many are familiar with. It's relatively small, but has a great quality product. First packaging is very similar to power support full screen dust remover pads, but the great part is package comes with these finger dust removers that you spray with water and turns into a solvent to clean screen. Also I hate screen protectors that come with large cutout for FCC and earpiece, these are precisely individually cut. After cleaning screen and using the steam from the bathroom to kill dust issues the install is very easy, starting from home button up it took me one try to install these. The cut and shape of the screen protector is perfect. I have tried multiple screen protectors and these take the cake. I hate to reference to ago but I will these are in par with sgp. I'll will post pics later
    12-19-2011 04:16 PM