1. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    No matter what kind of tablet you use, holding it for an extended period of time while playing games, reading, watching movies, or web browsing will make your arms tired. And typing out long emails can prove difficult if you're using one hand to hold the tablet and typing with the other, but laying the tablet down flat on your lap or table isn't much better.

    Enter TAB Rests. Designed to work with any tablet, this simple foam base provides wrist support and holds your tablet at an angle ideal for typing, reading, gaming, and more! You can use TAB Rests on your lap or a table/desk, and it's great for kids and adults alike. They aren't super bulky, so you can easily pack one in a bag for travel or stow one in the car for the kids on those long road trips. I like that if you have a case on your tablet, you don't have to remove it to use the TAB Rest, they can work together! You can pick up a TAB Rest for just $14.95 (plus s&h), and at that price why not get one to keep and one to give away as a gift?

    We have 10 TAB Rests to give away this weekend, courtesy of newPCgadgets. To enter, leave a comment in the below letting us know how you plan to use a TAB Rest if you win, or if you plan to give it as a gift let us know who in your life can benefit from having one of these in their life. We're keeping this one short and sweet, so you'll want to get your entries in by Sunday. One entry per person please!
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    12-10-2011 12:56 AM
  2. hfolmt's Avatar
    Looks like a case I would like to have for myself.
    12-10-2011 01:17 AM
  3. Ginbill's Avatar
    I would give the TAB rest to my mother for her tablet. She is always complaining about trying to hold it up at the right angle etc. It would be perfect for her to use with it.
    12-10-2011 01:20 AM
  4. djayme7's Avatar
    to restus wristicus
    12-10-2011 01:20 AM
  5. GadgetGuru72#IM's Avatar
    I'd use it for those nights where you have to beat "just one more level" of a game and end up playing for hours.
    12-10-2011 01:21 AM
  6. WreakingHavoc's Avatar
    I would love one for my camping chair!
    12-10-2011 01:38 AM
  7. PeterStorm's Avatar
    I would use it to take so much notes efficiently and comfortably in class!
    12-10-2011 01:41 AM
  8. PeterStorm's Avatar
    I would use it to take notes efficiently and comfortably in class!
    12-10-2011 01:43 AM
  9. RevJar's Avatar
    This would work great when writing a sermon from my comfy recliner.
    12-10-2011 01:44 AM
  10. christianikner's Avatar
    My friend just turned 21 last month and her parent's blessed her with an iPad 2 (I say blessed, simply because it was gift from the Apple God's and I am quite jealous). I would love to give this to her to simply alleviate some of those "pains" that comes with intensive studying. She uses her iPad mainly for school (nursing) and I think that this would just be one less thing she had to worry about for her studies. Just my sentiments. Hope that I win so I can surprise her with this!
    12-10-2011 01:47 AM
  11. politicsoffear's Avatar
    I'd use it while playing games since the iPad is now my primary gaming device and to rest my wrists while surfing the net.
    12-10-2011 01:52 AM
  12. asuperstarr's Avatar
    This looks cool. I will use to watch movies amd reading books. Good luck everyone!
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    12-10-2011 01:52 AM
  13. Bondman's Avatar
    I'd love to use this rest for my wife & I. We'd use it with our Kindle now and our iPad 3 next year. ;-)

    Thanks, TiPb & newPCgadgets, for the giveaway!
    12-10-2011 01:53 AM
  14. Tony the Tiger's Avatar
    I would probably give it to my brother once he buys his iPad 2.
    12-10-2011 01:56 AM
  15. marchie_78's Avatar
    This would be great in my efforts I replying to my average of 100 emails a day. Please help!!!
    12-10-2011 01:59 AM
  16. wes2nice's Avatar
    I need one!!!
    12-10-2011 02:02 AM
  17. AverageCat's Avatar
    This would be great to set up while I'm cooking my jams and jellies!
    12-10-2011 02:08 AM
  18. Littledino2112's Avatar
    It'd be great to have this. I do a lot of readings in my ipad and often feel tired after a while. This'll be great for me!!!
    12-10-2011 02:08 AM
  19. benjaminmetzler's Avatar
    Hmm, definitely a gift for my wife. She loves to use the iPad to watch Netflix.
    12-10-2011 02:27 AM
  20. mistabritt's Avatar
    Just bought my 1st ever iPad yesterday. 16GB iPad 2 (Black Version) - would love to start accessorizing my investment. I am in love with this thing. Played with my cousin's iPad 2 while on vacation this past week and fell in love with it and immediately went and purchased one right after I returned from my trip. I've owned iPod's in the past and also currently have a Mac computer (2010 Mac Mini) so I'm into Apple products and would love to protect my investment. By the way, love the site and all of the helpful info.
    12-10-2011 02:30 AM
  21. Appleluver23's Avatar
    I would use it to read books, type emails, watch movies, take notes and play games on my ipad 2.
    12-10-2011 03:03 AM
  22. quicksilver53's Avatar
    I would love to have one of these TAB rests. It would be great for sitting on my couch late at night using my IPad 2.
    12-10-2011 03:22 AM
  23. babyjsmom's Avatar
    Very cool. I would give it to my hubby to use when he reads.

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    12-10-2011 03:46 AM
  24. Happycorey's Avatar
    This would be great for meetings at the office as well as chilling on the couch at home!
    12-10-2011 04:12 AM
  25. Zlannie's Avatar
    These old bones can use this (when I get my iPad).
    12-10-2011 05:07 AM
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