1. phoenix91#IM's Avatar
    What I mostly like about the Vapor is that it covers the sides and back. This is one of the things I look for in a case for my phone. Besides that, it looks pretty, hope the protection is great, too I'd prefer the white one.
    12-10-2011 05:14 PM
  2. egphoto's Avatar
    I see myself having an epiphany: The white one is wicked!
    12-10-2011 05:14 PM
  3. soultechnical's Avatar
    This has got to be one of the slickest cases I've seen. Never seen anything like this when I was on the android side of things. I prefer white to continue the sleek look on my white 4S.
    12-10-2011 05:59 PM
  4. smmiami's Avatar
    Love the green color and made in the USA
    12-10-2011 06:36 PM
  5. Laelipoo's Avatar
    My brother's been begging for a greenish case. I would love to get him one for Christmas. He's rough on phones, so the metal base is a big help.
    I would take the blue one.

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    12-10-2011 06:58 PM
  6. mandingo65's Avatar
    It's great to see products made in the USA. Besides that the manufacturing and build quality looks superior to every other case on the market. It would be able to protect my iPhone 4s while still keeping the same sleek, ergonomic design of the iPhone. The case in white looks absolutely stunning while providing the much needed protection I need with my phone.
    12-10-2011 07:40 PM
  7. Camad579's Avatar
    I like the contour of the case and the sleek look! I'd like it in white!
    12-10-2011 08:48 PM
  8. BryanTheRed's Avatar
    I love the interchangeable back plates as well as the powder coated finish! White would be my color of choice, always looks so clean. Thanks TiPb and Element for the great contest!
    12-10-2011 09:46 PM
  9. stang23's Avatar
    I've been using the otterbox defender for the last four years on every iPhone that I've owned. This case looks incredible and every bit equal or superior to the otterbox. If I won one I could pass my otterbox on to my oldest son and use the Element on mine. Seniority has its perks, don't you know.
    12-10-2011 10:18 PM
  10. furygoalbrtis39's Avatar
    I like that it's actually quality metal, not plastic that will easily break
    Oh and colors I'd want are Red/Black, White, or All Black
    12-10-2011 11:21 PM
  11. mwrice79's Avatar
    Nice and thin and made in the good old US of A and the white is sick
    12-11-2011 12:47 AM
  12. jhoove09#IM's Avatar
    This case looks awesome. It would look amazing on my white iPhone. Is that too much white?
    12-11-2011 11:39 AM
  13. deflep's Avatar
    I love that it is aluminum and not plastic. White for my 4 would be sweet.
    12-11-2011 12:02 PM
  14. Perfeshunul's Avatar
    I like it for the nice design and the precise aluminium cut frame, I'd like it in white! Cheers!
    12-11-2011 12:29 PM
  15. Possession's Avatar
    The blue one looks wonderful, if only I could afford it!
    12-11-2011 01:00 PM
  16. djwright's Avatar
    These cases are extremely well made, thin, and still have some color. Awesome! I like the blue best
    12-11-2011 03:06 PM
  17. crazywabbit's Avatar
    blue aluminum is the color to beat. Perfect timing for me, I really need a new case since I have dropped the phone enough that the cheap plastic case is now cracked. PLEASE, PLEASE PICK ME!!!
    12-11-2011 04:34 PM
  18. grokdesigns's Avatar
    I'd love an aluminum case in white for my white 4S!
    12-11-2011 07:36 PM
  19. arvindgopwani's Avatar
    without trying to kiss too much a$$, I have used both the casemate jett and the graft concepts leverage case but neither look half as polished or were as durable as how the new vapor comp epiphany all white looks. The attractive contours coupled with exquisite workmanship exude class and i expect this to be hands down the best case for my white iPhone 4s. I would absolutely love to win the all white version....
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    12-12-2011 03:18 AM
  20. jparker0717's Avatar
    i love the style and color of the vapor comp epiphany case. i feel the blue will will look great on my new white iPhone 4s.
    thanks for all you do!
    12-12-2011 08:51 AM
  21. Sprngr's Avatar
    Count me in. Thank you tipb!
    12-12-2011 10:25 AM
  22. 3spur's Avatar
    I would love it win the WHITE ONE, it's BEAUTIFUL
    12-12-2011 11:48 AM
  23. radrmev's Avatar
    This case is beautiful, and the quality should be as fine as my vapor. The blue is nice pastel, but the white is clean and elegant. My father was in the plastics business and this is design and material for the product. Iphones should be delivered this way, Jobs would be pleased.
    I'll take the white, I hope.
    12-12-2011 02:59 PM
  24. chickeebabe's Avatar
    I love the clean lines and that it's a hard shell case. I also like the glossy finish. Would love it in white.
    12-12-2011 04:14 PM
  25. chriscoleman's Avatar
    I'm a HUGE fan of Element cases. Not only are their cases extremely well made and attractive, but their customer service is second to none! I like the white!!
    12-12-2011 05:48 PM
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