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    In my previous review of iPad cases that i wrote i found my most favored and useful cases in a specific category and i offered some choices. in that review i also gave my favorite iPad keyboard option. Well since then i've sorted through more options, new keyboards out and decided to write a review for those of you looking for a keyboard option for your ipad.

    now its debatable whether you really need a keyboard for your iPad. I Mean, i myself have typed a 7 page college paper on my virtual keyboard no problem so its mostly a personal preference. One big thing is you cannot rest your fingers on the virtual keyboard like most avid typists tend to do so a physical keyboard can offer some key benefits including this and easier access options and a faster typing speed.
    I will have pictures of everything attached

    1. The apple wireless keyboard:
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    The apple wireless keyboard offers a extremely sleek and sexy companion for your iPad 2 or 1 to type on. if you already own it with your mac it comes as no additional charge to you but is available to buy directly at www.apple.com. Its sturdy aluminum design and thin profile make it the easily portable and a definite eye catcher. The bluetooth pairs like a charm(just bought this keyboard myself) and the full functionality is supported by the iPad: caps lock, characters, command controls like copy paste cut and back, brightness and volume and playback. the only thing it will not support is the exposé key and the open dashboard button where widgets are accessed on a mac. and Esc. now correct me if i'm wrong but there is no button to act like a home button on there keyboard in which a dedicated iPad keyboard WILL bring over this one.

    2. Logitech fold up keyboard case:
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    The logitech fold up case brings your iPad 2(first gen. will not fit) into the world of transformers. its an awesome back clip on keyboard case that will protect the back of the ipad while still being the only keyboard case i've found to allow to use of a smart cover. the case brings 500 hours of typing time with a single charge and complete full length keyboard instead of the usual mini netbook style keyboard. thus accomplished by two halves of the keyboard swiveling out from under the iPad and connecting in front (check out link below). the only down fall of it is the built in stand, yet being EXTREMELY sturdy, can only be viewed in landscape.

    3.Logitech ipad 2 keyboard case:
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    This was a keyboard case i mentioned in my last post about iPad cases to check out. its all and around a great case and looks exceptional with the iPad in it but lacks a bigger keyboard like the fold-out by logitech but it does add in thinner profile, aluminum build, and ability to stand the iPad in both portrait and landscape. it wont be as sturdy and comes in with battery like at about 5 hours but is still a great option. but be careful if you drop the keyboard by itself without the iPad inside and the corner hits it can severely bend the corner making it very hard to fit the iPad back in. if your looking for a similar version compatible with the first gen. check out the zaggmate iPad keyboard case.

    4. Targus Versavu case and keyboard for the iPad 2:
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    This one i really love because it goes along with my original favorite portfolio style case, the targus 360 rotating case. Just now they've built in a keyboard! It can also come in both the black and a creme colored white. To know more about the case itself check out my other review of top ipad cases. its really an awesome case. the keyboard functionality just adds more convenience with the keyboard, which has the same feel as the Logitech keyboard case. although the battery life im not sure about. i havent had too much of a chance to play with it.

    5. The Apple Keyboard dock:
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    If your looking just for a home base the iPad keyboard dock is a great option. made out of a great design of aluminum and white plastic keys just like the apple wireless keyboard this dock was released when the first iPad was. its also actually my only non-bluetooth option. over the apple wireless keyboard, this is going to have iPad specific keys like a home button, lock screen, and picture slideshow buttons, but losing the functionality of being able to view the iPad in landscape and ability to move the keyboard around because it isn't wireless, its docked. although the docking station will charge and feed out audio to an audio out jack in the dock. which is great. but similar benefits can be acquired in buying the iPad dock and using the wireless keyboard. To mention though if you don't know this is a dock intended for use with the first generation iPad, so the connection will be a little bit tricky but will still work and support the iPad.

    4. The Rocket fish iPad 2 Keyboard capsule:
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    If your looking for a way to turn your iPad 2 into a fully fledged laptop device, just more portable, this is for you. It also offers the most protection in the mobile keyboards. the rocket fish keyboard capsule is a hard plastic cover that encloses the iPad in a hard plastic case about an inch around, so it does add a bit of bulk but it really is a very nice quality case. the keyboard will be very similar if not identical. it actually though does have a bit of a nicer feel and quality to it the netbook feel of the logitech keyboard case. not the battery on this i'm not sure of either. but this sports a great sturdy bracket arm that holds the top piece attached to the bottom and has a nice magnetic feature to keep it closed. the only thing it wont bring is the ability to have it in case in portrait mode, although it must get props for being the easiest case ever to get in and out of.

    5. Inland Proht handheld bluetooth keyboard:
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    Im honestly not a fan of this one, but hey i thought i'd throw it in just to let you know these type are available if you like the idea. this is basically just a mini Microsoft arc keyboard if you know what that one is. i haven't gotten my hand on one so i really can't testify to how good of a feel holding one of these are, but hey its a keyboard that fits in your pocket. So if you like check it out! I'd love to just try one out.

    6. Celluon Cube Laser keyboard for the ipad.
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    Ok, this is my absolute FAVORITE keyboard for the iPad that i've found! its a fully wireless bluetooth LASER keyboard. all you carry around is the extremely small brick so it definitely is one of the most portable if not the most portable separated keyboard, using it allows you to use the case of your choice which I vote is the best option and versatility, and also its one of the most innovative and coolest things i've ever seen. Basically it boasts an 150 minute battery life, connectable through bluetooth and usb 2.0 if you also wanted to connect it to your laptop, a full qwerty 63 key keyboard, and full notebook sized. also in using it on a mouse supported device it has a mouse feature built in where you can simply use your surface as a mouse. it is awesome! it even clicks if you would like it too when you hit a key just like a normal keyboard. Now i haven't actually messed with this device because its 169.99 price tag is a bit hefty, but id kill to have one or review one. the biggest eye catcher you could have.

    now i haven't went into complete details on everything because this review was already WAY longer than i intended, so if you have any questions comment. and let me know of any better keyboard cases than these.

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    The imformation is complete and useful, great!
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    Thanks for the info. Have you had a chance to really play with cube laser keyboard yet?
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    Where can u buy the laser one ?

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    I found it here, ++CELLUON++
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    Thanks for the info. Have you had a chance to really play with cube laser keyboard yet?
    Ah, no. It's just too expensive for what I can get right now but if anybody gets it tell me how great it is! As far as everything I've read and hear about it, its awesome

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    Great info Calebswag7.
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