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    Recently I was I given the Seidio Surface case for my New Iphone 4s, this is my go to brand when it comes to cell phone or any electronic protection. I am on Sprint and have gone through about 10 android devices before I reached the iphone and everyone I have owned was protected by Seidio.

    This company provides top notch products that are second to none. I got the pearl white Surface case because I originally was thinking about getting a white Iphone 4s however after much deliberation and debate I went with the black model, and the white looked just as good if not better on the black then it does the white iphone. It gives the phone a two tone color combo that I have growned to love.

    The outside protection is a harder plastic that seems to be great if I was to drop the phone, giving it a nice absorbing shock protection if that was ever to happen. The one thing I love about this case, is even though it is a harder outside, it is soft, which I have not seen in a whole lot of other cases, besides other Seidio ones. It has a feel that makes it seem harder to slip out you grasp.

    The next thing I loved about the phone was its inside lining, it is a suede material that doesnt scratch or rub up against the glass frame of the Iphone 4s. Its smooth, and gives me that extra comfort that its not getting scratched from the inside.

    All the cut outs around the case are perfect for the phone, they are perfect in size and shape. Giving me that right amount of access that I need, but not to much to reduce in protection.

    The case is in two parts which is also better to me then the tpu cases that you see around now mostly, it slides on both sides then pops into place in the middle giving it more a steady and protected feel. I also have to say I love how the outside of the case is lent free, unlike most silicone cases you see around.

    One thing I did notice before I exchanged my white iphone 4s, was that the case fit it perfectly as well, I had a problem with another case that I had purchased before this one was available that was too tight on the phone, when I tried to take it off it scratched the frame of it. The Seidio surface is the right size for both models which is definitely a plus in my book.

    The second item I reviews was the Seidio cradle charger for the iphone, its a perfect match for the case, it works with the case on or off and allows me to plug it into the wall to charge or my computer to sync, either one its perfect for.

    The back it has a light to let me know there is power going into the cradle and works not with the apple charger mount but a micro usb cord which plugs into the back to charge the cradle. I loved this design because it was more universal then if it was the apple based connector.

    Once again I would highly recommend these products to anyone anywhere. I have found nothing about these two prod
    11-14-2011 12:19 AM