1. PeanutTM's Avatar
    Wow! It really is a very unique case. Looks to be of excellent quality. Would LOVE to have one!
    11-01-2011 09:25 AM
  2. davjaxn's Avatar
    I love that it isn't the same old TPU back- case or plastic snap on case. It's something different and looks great too!
    11-01-2011 09:58 AM
  3. Mojoloos's Avatar
    What a beautiful case! I love those things that make tech just a little more human and warm. The LBB certainly does that. Help me stay human...pick me!
    11-01-2011 12:31 PM
  4. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    I like the new pocket for ID and credit cards, or whatever. I actually just purchased the BookBook because it had this feature. This would be a perfect addition to my case collection, and I MIGHT even let my hubby use one... Might.
    11-01-2011 01:46 PM
  5. Spdracer's Avatar
    Such a great looking case for a great looking iPhone 4s. Having one of these would add to the impressiveness of my iPhone as compared to my workmates new Galaxy SII. He has boring old cases for his phone and I'd be able to show off my phone to him and other coworkers.
    Love the addition of the pocket. A good place to hide mad money from the wife.
    11-01-2011 02:27 PM
  6. redneck86's Avatar
    The look very nice.. i think the addition of the small pocket on the inside cover was a nice touch.
    This would be a nice case for people who are not rough enough on their phones to warrant a Otterbox.
    11-01-2011 05:45 PM
  7. frabas1's Avatar
    i like this and want one cause, it is different and unique and i like to stand out whereever i go
    11-01-2011 06:37 PM
  8. Setanta's Avatar
    Really a simple, elegant design that has been masterfully executed.
    11-01-2011 10:46 PM
  9. gwa584's Avatar
    Nice that the camera is still available when it's closed, but with the back cover the lens won't get scratched (easily)!
    11-02-2011 10:35 AM
  10. techmom#IM's Avatar
    The description says it is aCloaking Device! That is the coolest feature. I also like the pocket and rounded corners and it looks like the iPhone flips out easily with the bookmark for when I need it naked.
    I sure could use a new case and this is beautiful!
    11-02-2011 10:37 AM
  11. AtomicButtercup's Avatar
    These wallet/phone case hybrids have always been intriguing to me. I'd like to give one a try.
    11-02-2011 10:41 AM
  12. surrealx's Avatar
    Love the look, and the id pocket!!
    11-02-2011 11:03 AM
  13. mattie531k's Avatar
    I'm tired of all cases that basically all look the same. Also cases that offer space for credit cards and ID are good for when I don't want to have my wallet, like for shows. A nice cases that looks good and protects my phone would be perfect.
    11-02-2011 11:11 AM
  14. durbin's Avatar
    what a fantastic concept and brilliant idea. I love the old school look of it, and I'm old enough that I had a true little black book.....would be fun to have a 2011 version
    11-02-2011 11:29 AM
  15. chrisw329's Avatar
    I like the being able to set it up with diffrent angles and whatnot i know you can with others but this one just looks nice
    11-02-2011 11:43 AM
  16. DougFNJ's Avatar
    It appears Pad & Quill pay as much attention to detail and design on the Little Black Book as the Apple products being put in it. It looks like they were very intentional in the materials used, from the Italian Leather, to the birch wood, as well as the fine touch of cloth.

    It looks like it will offer great protection, and I hope I am lucky enough to win one.

    Thank you as always for the generous contest to TiPb and Pad & Quill.
    11-02-2011 11:47 AM
  17. chickhien's Avatar
    after watching both my brothers, wife, and sisterinlaws switch from crackberry to iphone, i have caved and picked up an iphone 4. ive had to endure 2 years of trash talk from them for hanging onto a dinosaur of a smarthphone...no better way than to dress my new phone up with this black book. i would be able to trash talk back, without having to say one word. that is one sexy black book.
    11-02-2011 12:05 PM
  18. P0stalTek's Avatar
    I'd love to have one of this because it is unique and different!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    11-02-2011 01:05 PM
  19. pendragyn's Avatar
    I think this case is awesome. I like the design of the iPhone so I don't like bulky, boxy cases. But the Little Black Book case has a nice style to it.
    11-02-2011 01:08 PM
  20. dmbphoenix's Avatar
    It's so functional and so svelte.
    Appeals to both sides of the brain.
    Conservative retro meets Jimmy Dean.

    Would love to win it.
    11-02-2011 04:53 PM
  21. Joe87r's Avatar
    I've always had a problem keeping my wallet and phone togeather, with this it should eliminate the problem.
    11-02-2011 05:33 PM
  22. fran403's Avatar
    I want one because it would go great with my Little Black Dress
    11-02-2011 06:40 PM
  23. biggjoe's Avatar
    Thank you for the 'heads up'.
    11-02-2011 07:49 PM
  24. ckillam3's Avatar
    First, it would make my iPhone the most unique among my friend's iPhones. Second, I like the size and simplicity of the case. Third, I see no problem retrieving it from my pocket. This case is very nice.
    11-02-2011 08:10 PM
  25. 1Bob1Bob's Avatar
    I'm a writer, and now that I have my iPhone, I miss carrying a Little Black Notebook around.
    11-03-2011 04:00 AM
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