1. scxpress's Avatar
    Mophie jpp

    Battery and case all in one.
    10-20-2011 01:54 PM
  2. cfaviles's Avatar
    I use a Griffin Reveal Case. I can't stand big cases since they're a pain to fit in jeans or work slacks.
    10-20-2011 01:54 PM
  3. deeptali's Avatar
    Otterbox is cool. For protection specially after seeing drop test video.
    10-20-2011 01:55 PM
  4. chakley's Avatar
    I ended up not wanting a full enclosure, so I settled for a Speck Fabshell. Onepiece, cutout for the camera is generous, and the case is more stylish than the plastic-y (toy-ish) looking cases. I like a generous cutout for the camera not only for flash concerns, but dust that collects around the edge of the cutout doesn't build up so close to the lens.
    10-20-2011 01:55 PM
  5. rightmuch's Avatar
    I love the power mat charging system and use the case that comes with it.
    10-20-2011 01:56 PM
  6. rgar3388's Avatar
    I don't have a case because I like my phone naked. But if I had to choose a case manufacturer I'd probably go with an Incipio slider case because it's one of the least bulky and can fit almost any accessory.
    10-20-2011 01:56 PM
  7. gregs87's Avatar
    Case Mates are great - used on my BB...but with Iphone being glass and me being an *****, I am using an Otterbox at the moment...had one for my BB as well for working in the yard.
    10-20-2011 01:56 PM
  8. flipish5's Avatar
    I'm rocking a case from Rolls Royce. Nothing but the best! (actually a cheap plastic case I got at a trade show. It's got Rolls Royce imprint though so it counts!)
    10-20-2011 01:56 PM
  9. Boybluegood80's Avatar
    simple. sleek. and fits like a glove... iSkin is my favorite iPhone case, they keep a clean aesthetic with design in mind and never take away from the beauty of the iPhone.
    10-20-2011 01:56 PM
  10. big9erfan's Avatar
    I really love my InCase iPhone cases. They are typically very sleek, unobtrusive and yet provide a nice bit of protection for the phone. I had one on my 3GS and now on my 4.
    10-20-2011 01:58 PM
  11. vapor03's Avatar
    I have bought several Case Mate cases over the years, but after finally deciding that 12 South's Book Book for the iPhone 4 was worth trying, I am not looking back. I love good durable saddleback leather and having my phone case and wallet in one ... Awesome! Love that I can slip my phone out and use it as Jobs intended, which is how I prefer, but have great protection when I simply slip it back in the Book Book.

    The Book Book just oozes style and quality. Based on the leather I used, I expect this to not only to be tremendously durable, but it will be on the few cases that gets better as it ages.

    The possible iPhone design change (the thinner design thought to be the iPhone 5) scared the heck out of me. I typically buy/order my iPhone's on launch day, and the thought of giving up my Book Book was too much. I was going to wait until 12 South came out with an updated case before buying the new iPhone. Fortunately don't have to worry about that this year!

    I had a Jawbone Icon ... Man I miss that little headset. Would love to win an ERA headset to replace it1
    10-20-2011 01:58 PM
  12. vmitchell85's Avatar
    I currently use a belkin case... It works for the antennagate issue...
    10-20-2011 01:58 PM
  13. MAGNUS's Avatar
    Case-Mate... Their barely there cases are the best! I hate adding bulk to such a sexy slim idevice.
    10-20-2011 01:59 PM
  14. krislord's Avatar
    For me it's got to be Sena Cases - The ultraslim version.

    It costs $40 to get one in the UK but its by far the best leather case I've seen. For those who only need something to protect their phone whilst in a pocket its excellent. Most cases look cheap but this certainly looks better than any other I've seen.

    I had one for my 3G and bought it again when the iPhone 4 came out. It was nice to see the construction had been improved between the versions.
    10-20-2011 01:59 PM
  15. ckalli's Avatar
    element vapor cuz it looks awesome! also solves the death grip!
    10-20-2011 02:00 PM
  16. brutal truth's Avatar
    iFrogz Luxe Lean. It's the thinnest, lightest case that doesn't take anything away from the sleak design. Just black - no funky, trying to be hip colors or wildness. It also has plenty of access for accessories.
    10-20-2011 02:00 PM
  17. se7en__'s Avatar
    Case-mate. You can find very good options for cases with lots of manufacturers, but case-mate does it with much cooler designs.
    10-20-2011 02:00 PM
  18. gammills08's Avatar
    I am now using a Speck but I would have to say my favorite is the Otterbox
    10-20-2011 02:00 PM
  19. sdakidd's Avatar
    Griffin survivor! Tough as nails!
    10-20-2011 02:01 PM
  20. squirrelly76's Avatar
    ...so I'll just say, Incipio.
    10-20-2011 02:01 PM
  21. dpolletta's Avatar
    I am ordering the new iPhone 4S, don't have a case yet. But this headset would be great!
    10-20-2011 02:01 PM
  22. Freegoo's Avatar
    Sgp neo hybrid. It's a sharp looking case that doesn't add much girth to the phone and came with a free screen protector too.
    10-20-2011 02:02 PM
  23. thebryanbaker's Avatar
    Speck! Love the way it looks and it fits perfectly on my iPhone 4S and screen protector!
    10-20-2011 02:02 PM
  24. allabout17's Avatar
    I am a big fan of my incipio feather case. It is super lightweight and yet still protects and allows the beauty of my iPhone 4S to shine through
    10-20-2011 02:02 PM
  25. jaBBu's Avatar
    That is a tough call! Otterbox for protection, Seidio or Incipio for style and Case-Mate for those that crave the ability to design one. I think I would prefer my creative side and go for Case-Mate.
    10-20-2011 02:03 PM
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